W E L C O M E   T O   Y E A R  3 !

WE ARE A BUSY CLASS. KEEP CHECKING ON HERE TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE BEEN UP TO...                                                                    LOVE THE CHILDREN, MRS ALLPORT, MRS DAWSON, MRS GOGNA, CHARLEY & REBECCA Xxx                                                                                                                                    (p.s Mrs Allport apologises if the photos are upside down or sideways, she has tried a lot of ways to sort them!)

Our topic plans are here please click on them to find out what we are up to each half term.


Wednesday is spelling test and homework day. Y3 children it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to bring homework and be prepared for spelling tests.

S P R I N G  T E R M  A C T I V I T I E S...

A U T U M N   T E R M   A C T I V I T I E S. . .

Mrs Dawson to the rescue! A baby hedgehog was our playground! Mrs Dawson rescued the hedgehog and took it to a hedgehog sanctuary. Our hedgehog was identified as female so we decided to call her Teresa!

We made our own fossils. It was messy but fun!

We have started our Science topic of Rock On! We have been investigating the durability and permeability of rocks. We had a lot of messy fun doing this.

We had a fascinating visit to Singers Hill Synagogue. We were shown around by our lovely guide Geoffrey. We learnt how so much and were praised for our wonderful behaviour and interest.

Check us out working hard on measuring accurately.

KS2 Nativity. We had the very important job of acting in front of lots of mums and dads and parishioners at St Teresa's church. We had a lot fun dressing up.

As part of our First Holy Communion preparations we got together, to think about what advent means to us. Our mums and dads helped us to set out the Nativity scenes in our classroom and the entrance hall. 

We celebrated Children in Need day by wearing our own clothes! Aren't we a good looking bunch? :)

We had Nurse Ruth come into talk to us about the importance of washing our hands. We were fascinated to see the germs on our hands under a UV light and it made us realise how scuzzy we were! *hopefully our hands our a lot cleaner from now on...

We went on a retreat to St Mary's Convent. Sister Noreen and Sister Brigid, role played the Last Supper with us. This helped us to understand the how the Last Supper is part of the Mass and Holy Communion.