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Class of 2017 - 2018



Please remember...

Indoor P.E kits every Monday

Fields Kit every Tuesday

Homework (Literacy and Numeracy) every Wednesday

Home reading book changed as and when needed.



In music, we have been looking at the planets and creating our own music to suit that planet.

"I chose the planet Mars because its the planet named after the God of War and so I was able to bash the drum really loudly."

"I chose the planet Venus because it's such a calm, cool, soothing planet to make music for."


Take a look at the fun we had...


Play Lead


A number of Year 5 children were involved in Play Leader Training. They are going to be a support in the infant classes during lunchtime this year! Well done all.





In R.E we have been looking at the story of Cain and Abel. The two brothers were jealous of each other therefore the story didn't end well. Can you infer how the story ends...


We have been looking at the Ten Commandments and played a game to see if we could work out which commandment had been broken. Looks like fun!




In literacy we have been looking at newspaper reports. In groups we have been discussing the structural features and language features.  




In R.E we have been looking at why the disciples chose to follow Jesus. After listening to a few stories, we decided to hot seat each other in the character of one chosen disciple.  


Even though at St. Teresa's we follow the Catholic religion, we still learn and respect other religions. Today (28.9.17) we went to a Hindu temple - Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple in Tividale. Here's what we saw and learnt...





In numeracy we have been looking at place value, ordering digits up to 10,000 and writing them in words. 

Up coming topics we will be covering in numeracy this half term...


Decimals and Fractions

Common Factors and Prime Numbers

Square and Cube Numbers

Guided Reading

We read aloud. Do you think we are fluent and expressive? How could we improve?