Our Breakfast Club 

Our Breakfast Club provides an opportunity for you to bring your child to school earlier than the start of the day. The children enjoy a healthy breakfast with their friends and are raring and ready for the start of a new day! The Breakfast Club is managed by the school and staffed by school staff members.

Interested in bringing your child to breakfast club? Complete the half termly slip and bring into the school office.

Menu and Price List



Fruit Juice

Bottled water (330ml)

Yazoo Milkshake

‘Warm’ chocolate drink


Cereal and Milk

(Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Weetabix, Shreddies)


Jam on Toast

Fresh Fruit

Tap water

Beans on toast

Bacon sandwich:

One sandwich (2 slices of bread)

½ sandwich (1 slice of bread)














 No charge






Important information


Breakfast club begins at 8.20 a.m. If you arrive earlier than this please be prepared to wait with your child as Breakfast Club will not start before 8.20 a.m. Staff have been instructed not to allow the children into school before this time. Your child will not be supervised before 8.20 a.m. Children are to arrive at or before 8.30am. As the breakfast club is proving so popular there is a need to ensure that the children are ready for the start of the school day.


Money will be required at the time of purchase. The menu and prices are with this letter.


For children to attend Breakfast Club there is a payment of 50p per child per day in addition to any food purchased to contribute to costs.