Villa Vitality

Today a visitor from Aston Villa came in to teach us about how to keep healthy.  In the morning, Hagi taught us some ball skills and we played some games to learn about controlling the ball, attacking and defending.  We also did an interactive quiz to show what we knew about healthy eating!

Click below to hear our Villa Vitality radio show which we did when we visited the Villa ground!

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

In the afternoon, Claire came in and taught us all about what makes up a healthy diet, then we had to work in groups to make the best 3 course healthy meal! 


What did you learn about being healthy today? Let us know below!

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Sienna(a few years ago)

I loved villa vitality I liked the big where we were dribbling the balls. I can't wait to see what it is like plus to make a very healthy meal , it looks as if what we are going to make Is VERY yummy!! :)

Oliwia Paciorek(a few years ago)

I really LOVED this day of Villa Vitality! It was fabulous!

LARRY(a few years ago)

I liked the pictures and I thank the teachers for arranging the villa vitality so give all the teachers the credit.

neha(a few years ago)

i had a really good time thank you teachers who had organised this for us. I can play football really good now although i do not play!

neha(a few years ago)

wow i never knew that chicken helps your muscles i thought bananas did! i have learnt something new!

Deborah(a few years ago)

Today I learnt that sweetners are just as bad as sugar and I am going to start drinking the drinks that say no added sugar and water.shus

iman(a few years ago)

I learnt that chicken is good for for your mussels. today was fun

Jack(a few years ago)

I learned that eating protein is healthy and I didn`t know that chicken is good for footballers

Rhea(a few years ago)

I learned that today eating protein, carbohydrates and calcium is very important. I also know how keeping fit and healthy is extremely important. We need to eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day!

Callum khan(a few years ago)

I really loved the Aston villa vitality because we got to learn new skills, play lots of games and even learn about what not/to eat during a game.