Y3 email address:  Y3@stteresa.bham.sch.uk



It has been great being back in class together again. We have been very busy making Roman Villas from all the boxes that were sent in to school. A huge thank you to everyone that did. We had to follow instructions and work as a team to create our villas. We painted our villas outside in the sunshine which was great, messy fun! (Sorry mums and dad about the uniforms, Mrs A x)

12th July 2021

Good morning Y3. I hope you are all ok. Thank you so much for joining in our Google Meet last Friday. It was lovely to see so many of you. Today should be our last day working from home and we should all be back together in class tomorrow.

Task's for today...


Today I would like you to read two rags to riches WAGOLLS. Choose the story you like the most and then break it down in to the story structure, so that you can be ready to plan your own story tomorrow.

Click here for the Cinders story. Click here for the Skater & BMX story. Click here the Story structure task.


During the Google Meet I was asked if you could do some times tables. I have got for you multiplication colouring. Do them carefully please. Click here for the sheets.


I know lots of you want to do some Science experiments so here is a website which has lots of great ideas for you to try out. Look carefully at what the experiments ask you to do. Think like a Scientist (look over the work you did last week), what will you be testing? What do you think the outcome will be?

I look forward to seeing what you find out. Click here for the website.



Make sure you have put together all of your work from the past week to bring into school tomorrow. Write up your reading diary and put all your books in your reading pack. Watch a movie, go outside and play, eat a treat, hug your family. xxx

9th July 2021

Don't forget 2pm today Google Meet!!


 Hi Y3, I am so pleased with your efforts with your school work at home, this week. I have received more emails with photos of your work. You have been superstars! Keep it up xxx        

Tasks for today:


Lesson 3 of apostrophes, to show plural possession. In the teaching video, there is a reference to watch another video. That is video 2 for you.

Click here for video 1. Click here for video 2. Click here for the task.


  Continuing with capacity. How have you got on with this? Please let me know.         Click here for the video. Click here for the task.


Yes, P.E as it is Friday. Choose one or more of the activities. Ask mum or dad to take some photos of you doing the activities.

8th July 2021


We are going to have a Google Meet this Friday. It will be an opportunity to see everyone and find out how you have been getting on this week. I can't wait to see you all xxx


A request! Could you please save any size cardboard boxes to bring into school, next Tuesday? We will be using them for a D.T project. It is top secret, but I am certain you will have fun completing it.

Teamwork in P.E last Friday. Well done everyone.

Today's tasks:


Today you are going to start working on capacity. Please read the questions carefully.

Click here for the video. Click here for the task.



Lesson 2 of 3 working on apostrophes. I am really hoping that you are beginning to think carefully about how to use apostrophes, as it will be one of our steps to success in our writing next week.

Click here for the video. Click here for the task.



You are going to find out about Hadrian's Wall.

Click here for the information. Click here for the map task. Click here for the facts task.

Read and demonstrate understanding of the story of Romulus and Remus.

Click here for the story. Click here for the task.



Are you still reading? Have you been on Times Tables Rock Stars? Have you checked the prayers you should know?


7th July 2021

I have received some of your work via email. I am super impressed, although you could double check spellings!! Please remember to bring work into school. You can complete your tasks in your homework books if you are unable to print or download work. 

Here are today's tasks for you. 


Over the next three days we are going to focus on apostrophes (because you lot drive me mad putting them in everywhere!!) At the start of next week we will begin story planning. 

We will be using the Oak Academy videos. Use the worksheet to accompany the lesson.

Click here for the video. Click here for the worksheet.



Today's focus is adding and subtracting mass. Remember you must always put the measurement and show your working out.

Click here for the video. Click here for the worksheet.



Today I would like you think about the meaning of the words in the Our Father prayer. Click here for the information. Click here for task 1. Click here for task 2.



I think you will be quite interested in this aspect of what Scientists do. It certainly fascinates me. For the task you can do members of your family too!

Click here for the information. Click here for the task.




6th July 2021

Hello from home again... Here are your tasks for today (remember to keep reading and going on Times Tables Rockstars!)


We are continuing with our topic of prayer. Today you are going to compare to versions of the Our Father from St Matthew and St Luke's gospels.

Click here for the work. 

By the end of Y3 you are to know certain prayers. I'm sure you know most of them but please do check. Click here for the prayers.


Continuing with mass. I hope you were okay with it yesterday.

Click here for the video. Click here for the worksheet.



How did you get on with the "rags to riches" story yesterday?

Today I would like you to use the same story but break it down into the story structure of opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending. PLEASE only make notes! Click here for the worksheet. Click here for the story.


We're going to find out how scientists work and what it is they do...

Click here for the information. Click here for the tasks.


5th July 2021

Hello Y3 I hope you are all ok and have had a great weekend.

I have some new photos of Alby the puppy. He loves playing with Charlie and Mr Allport and being asleep on me, when he is not checking up on Mr Allport in the kitchen...

Right back to it...                                                                                         Here are your tasks for today. I'm hoping we will be back in school on Tuesday...

You can email me your work on our Y3 email address at the top of the page, but I would really like you to bring your work into school.


We are returning to writing to entertain. Our genre is a rags to riches story a the story we are going to use is of a young boy who becomes the Lord Mayor of London. I wonder if any of you know it?

Click here to recap writing to entertain and rags to riches story structure.

1: click here for the story. Click here for the comprehension questions.



Read anything, your school books, your favourite book you have at home, a magazine, a newspaper, an e-book... BUT remember to write the pages of whatever you have read in your reading diary. P L E A S E!!!


We are going to be continuing with our measures work. We will be focussing on mass (weight).

1: click here for the teaching video. Click here for the worksheet.


Can you find 5 different things in your house with a weight on them and order them from smallest to largest?


Following on from Boudicca last week you are going to investigate what Roman life was like in Britain.

1: click here for the information. Click here for the worksheet.



How are you getting on with this? If you haven't logged on for awhile,                 (WHY NOT?!) today is a perfect opportunity to catch up. This week Miss Walk will be looking for the Rock Stars for Congratulations Assembly. Will it be you?



Google meet @ 10am & 3pm

Y3's to do list!

Please bring all your work back into school on Friday.

Please remember to write the pages you read in your reading diary.

Keep trying with Times Tables Rockstars.

Have fun with your family xxx


Today we are reading chapter 3 of The Iron Man. Click here for the chapter. Click here for the punctuation work. I would like you to add in the correct punctuation. There are 20 housepoints available for anyone who can "edit and improve" the text... 


We are continuing with 12 hour and 24 hour clock times. Remember to work out 24 hour pm times we add 12 hours to the am time, so 1pm is 13:00 as 1 + 12 = 13. Click here for the PowerPoint to help you. Click here for worksheet 1. Click here for worksheet 2. Here is the link to the interactive clock we have been using. NO CHEATING!


Today I would like you to think about electrical appliances in the home and electrical safety. I did the Mains and Battery activity in my own house. I could not believe how many appliances we have!! It's important to be safe with electricity too. There are 20 housepoints  available for anyone who  creates a poster for electrical safety, I will put them up on the windows in the classroom. Click here for the PowerPoint. Click here for the Mains and Batteries worksheet. Click here for the electrical safety worksheet.

Enter text...



Happy St David's day Y3!

Week Beginning 1.3.21

Hello Y3. I hope you all had a good weekend. How fantastic was our Google Meet on Friday? It was so lovely to be able to see you and talk to you.

Here is your learning for this week. Please remember to have a go at everything and email me your work.


We are starting this week with the myth of King Midas. I think you'll like this story a lot. King Midas story ppt.  Lesson 1 work. Lesson 2 work. Lesson 3 ppt. Lesson 3 work.

Lesson 4 is World Book Day. Can you create me a poster, a video, a power point, whatever you like about your book?


We are are continuing to learn about Jesus and forgiveness. Please read the story of Jesus forgiving a person who was thought to be bad by others. Next week you will doing your First Confession in school. You MUST learn the Act of Contrition off by heart. I will be asking you tell it to me first thing on Monday.

Jesus forgives ppt. Lesson work. Act of Contrition.


Did you work out our new topic? Yes we are finding about about sound. If you are able to do the practical part of this lesson please remember to send a picture.

Lesson video. Lesson work.



We are continuing journeying back several thousands of years to Ancient Greece. We are going to be comparing two famous cities, Athens and Sparta. Lesson ppt. Lesson work.




On Friday 26th February at 2.20pm we will have our first online meeting together! I hope you have got your accounts up and running. I can't wait to see you all!

Week beginning 22.2.21

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week off. I have been so impressed with your hard work last half term. I have loved receiving your emails and can't wait to see you all in class soon!

Trigger hasn't realised that half term is over...!!!


We are going to be exploring Ancient Greece this half term... Ready? Let's go!


We are going to start by looking into Greek myths. Please use the power points for lessons 1 and 2 with the narration on.

Lesson 1 ppt. Lesson 1 work. Lesson 2 ppt. Lesson 2 work.

Lesson 3 ppt. Lesson 3 work. Lesson 4 ppt. Lesson 4 work.


We are going to find out who were the Ancient Greeks. Can you remember what "chronological order" is? I'm sure you can!                You are also going to try to work out how we can find out about the past from artefacts. Click here to watch a short video to give you a quick overview of Ancient Greece. Lesson ppt. Lesson work.


We are going to investigate statistics this week. We are going to start by recapping tally charts and simple pictograms.

Lesson 1 video. Lesson 1 work. Lesson 2 video. Lesson 2 work.

Lessons 3 and 4 video. Lesson 3 work. Lesson 4 work.


We are continuing with our Reconciliation work. This lesson you to focus on what it is to forgive. Lesson ppt. Lesson work. 

We are now in the season of Lent. Can you tell me what Liturgical colour the season of Lent is? Why?


I'm going to let you find out what our topic is for yourselves.                  It will require two identical parts of your body...

Lesson video. Lesson work. 


Week beginning 8.2.21

H E L L O Y3!

How are you all? It was good to be back in school this week. I'm missing seeing all of you... and I know you are missing being at school too. 

Last week was children's mental health week. The overall theme  was ‘Express Yourself'. Those of us in school created posters to express ourselves. Take a look at us. You can send in anything you have done to express yourself to me via our class email.

I am putting together a class gallery of your photos. Keep an eye on this page to see it soon.



This is a really informative power point about Safer Internet Day. Please do watch the CBBC lesson. I look forward to seeing how you keep safe on the Internet. Remember to email me at Y3@stteresa.bham.sch.uk


There are two tasks to work on this week. We are going to be exploring Jesus' teaching on forgiveness. We are going to explore the parable of The Prodigal Son and Jesus meeting Zacchaeus. Please think carefully about your responses to the questions.

The Prodigal Son story. The Prodigal Son task. Jesus meets Zacchaeus story. Zacchaeus task.

Video story The Prodigal Son. Video story Jesus meets Zacchaeus.


This week you are going to recap place value. There will be some problem solving work set at the end of the week for you to have a go at.

Video 1. Maths 1. Video 2. Maths 2. Video 3. Maths 3. Video 4. Maths 4.

Here is the problem solving challenges. You can choose which ones you want to do. Please try to do at least 3!. Remember to email me how you get on.


This is week 2 of our work on instructions for a monster's pizza. You sent in some fabulous pizza designs last week.

Video 6.Lesson 6 work. Video 7. Lesson 7 work. Video 8. Lesson 8 work. Video 9. Lesson 9 work. Video 10. Lesson 10 work.


This week you re going to research a European country. I have found some facts about four countries if you want to use them. However if you want to research a different European country that would be great!

Geography ppt. Geography work. 


This week you will be reading Chapter 4 The Cave. Please pay close attention to the text and the places Sophie and the giant pass as you will need to know them for your final task.

Chapter 4. Chapter 4 questions.


This week you are going to explore a science investigation. I hope you can try the experiment at home , you will need fridge magnets and paper clips. Remember to send in your photos.

Video. Science work.


We are going to Spain this week. Looking at the work of Salvador Dali. I think you'll have a lot of fun completing the task... Click here for the ppt.

Monday 1st February

Hi Y3 I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well.

I have seen some fantastic work that has been emailed to me, please keep working hard.

Now, I have got to remind some of you to check your work. What has happened to using capital letters and full stops? Also there have been some one word answers! Please remember to write full sentences in as much detail as you can!

Work packs should be available in school this week.

Message from Mr Allport and Trigger...

"Hello Y3. We hope you are staying safe and looking after your mums and dads. We know you have been working hard because Mrs Allport has shown us your work every time her email goes ping! and if Mrs Allport is busy with your emails, she stops finding things for us to do, so keep it up Y3" :) x


This week we are going to be looking at instructions and vocabulary for creating a Monster's pizza! For each video lesson, there is a worksheet to help you complete the lesson. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Video 1. Worksheet 1. Video 2. Worksheet 2. Video 3. Worksheet 3.Video 4. Worksheet 4. Video 5. Worksheet 5.


Chapter 3 The Snatch. Chapter 3 questions.



This week we are going to think about choices. Good choices and bad choices. When you complete this task, please pay special attention to the final question I have given you. I'm expecting a well thought out answer. Choices ppt. Choices task.


We are revisiting 3 digit addition and subtraction. Think carefully about which strategy works best for you. I have used this website to create the examples you can see below. You can move the Hundreds, Tens and Ones to help you regroup and exchange. https://www.didax.com/apps/base-ten-blocks/

Video 1. Maths 1. Video 2. Maths 2. Video 3. Maths 3. Video 4. Maths 4. Maths 5 addition practice. Maths 5 subtraction practice.


You are going to compare two European Capital Cities. Can you find any interesting facts of your won about either capital city? 

Compare capital cities ppt. Work.


You are going to investigate non-contact forces this week.  Remember to think carefully about the scientific words, you will be using. If you follow the ideas in the video you can recreate the tests. I would love to see your pictures.

Video. Work.


 We are continuing our European tour of artists by visiting The Netherlands this week. We are going to be looking at the work of the famous portrait artist Rembrandt. I look forward to seeing the portraits you create. Click here for the ppt. 

Message from Trigger " This is not very spring like is it?          Brrr my cold paws!!! "

Monday 25th January

Hi Y3 well this has been a topsy turvy week, with our bubble being closed. I hope you are all staying home and staying safe. Please remember to follow the guidance and fingers crossed we'll be up and running again soon.

I have been super impressed again by the work you have completed at home. 

Look at our super artists at work!


We are starting our new topic Reconciliation, which will lead us to preparing for our First Confessions.

To start our topic I would like you think about the choice made by Adam and Eve. I want you to give your opinion on their choice. I look forward to reading your opinions.

Click here for the topic cover page. Click here for the story. Click here for the task.


We are continuing with developing our vocabulary to help us to write the next part of the build up of the opening sequence. You can work in your purple books this week. Remember you can use the work you did last week to help you. Click on each lesson for the videos.

Lesson 1. Lesson 2. Lesson 3. Lesson 4. Lesson 5.


Chapter 2 The Witching Hour. Chapter 2 questions.

Remember to answer the questions fully. If you can't print off the questions please use your purple note book.


This week we are going to focus on money. Think carefully, when you are adding and subtracting. Remember to use the number lines and bar models carefully.

Maths 1 Video. Lesson 1. Maths 2 Video. Lesson 2. Maths 3 Video. Lesson 3. Maths 4 Video. Lesson 4. Maths 5 Video. Lesson 5.


Investigating magnets this week. The tasks dated 25.1.21 in your booklets. TaskInformation sheet. Click here for the ppt.


Please complete the task dated 25.1.21 in your booklets.                  Click here for the ppt. Task.


 We are going to France this week, looking at the work of Le Corbusier. Click here for the ppt. Your task is to create a shape house. You can use anything you like, paper shapes, Lego or anything you fancy. Be creative!

Monday 18th January

Hello Y3. I hope you all had a lovely, safe weekend. Trigger has been keeping a close watch on everything I have done this weekend, as you can see... 

This is our class timetable we will be following in school. PLEASE don't think you have to do your work at the same time as us in school, as I know Mums and Dads have lots to do at home at the same time.

Paper copies of all the tasks will be ready in school by Tuesday.


We are going to be continuing with our work on The BFG, using the Oak Academy videos. There is a booklet for each lesson please use the booklet to complete each lesson.

Lesson 1 video. Lesson 1 task. Lesson 2 videoLesson 2 task. Lesson 3 video. Lesson 3 task. Lesson 4 video. Lesson 4 task. Lesson 5 video. Lesson 5 task.


We are going to read The BFG, as we have been looking at the animated version in our writing work. I want you to think carefully about the story. We will be thinking about word choices, author choices and giving our own opinions. Remember to write in full sentences using the correct punctuation. Chapter 1. Chapter 1 questions.                                       PLEASE ONLY DO ONE PART EACH DAY!


We are going to continue to with fractions this week, again using the Oak Academy videos.

Lesson 1 video. Lesson 1 task. Lesson 2 video. Lesson 2 task. Lesson 3 video. Lesson 3 task. Lesson 4 video. Lesson 4 task. Lesson 5 video. Lesson 5 task.


This is the last lesson in our Christmas topic. We are finding out about St Francis of Assisi and the first crib. Background information of St Francis. St Francis and the first crib. RE task 3. Please think carefully about each question.


it is Science 3 task dated 18.1.21 - you are creating explanations for how forces make things move. Click here for the power point.


This week it is finding out about different countries. Task 3. Information PPT. Have you visited any of the countries ? If so can you write and draw a poster about it for me please?


This week we are learning about the artist Michelangelo. Everything you need to do is in the power point. Please write your thoughts about the paintings on the picture you choose.. I have changed the lesson from painting to felt tips and remember to send me a picture of what you do please. Task ppt.


Here is this week's lessons from CBBC. 

Friday 15th January

The end of another week Y3.

You have been superstars at home and in school, working really hard.

Well done to Chizi, Reymar and Divine for being "The Three from Y3" in todays Congratulations Assembly.

I am still finishing off some of the work that we will be doing next week but there will be packs ready by Tuesday for you to collect.

The children who have been in school this week have been creating their own puppet shows, in their breaktimes and when they have had a few spare minutes. Enjoy!

Stay safe, love Mrs A x


Hi Y3

How are you all? I hope you are all staying safe?

I 've been sent some pictures of the work you are completing at home. Thank you!

There have been between 4 and 8 of you in school and we are doing the same tasks as you, but it has been very quiet too.                                                                                I wonder is it because the noisy ones are at home?  

Did you go out in the snow? We had a snowball fight! We also did some cosmic yoga for PE too. 

Love Mrs A xxx

P.S Look at what Mr Allport and Trigger have been doing whilst I have been putting up this week's work... (snoring very loudly!)







We will be continuing with our narrative study of The BFG and looking at sentences, developing vocabulary and rewriting the opening sequence. Please click on each lesson for the video link.

Lesson 1. Lesson 2. Lesson 3. Lesson 4. Lesson 5.


We will be starting a new topic - FRACTIONS. We will be using Oak Academy Trust. Please click on each lesson for the video link. There is a worksheet for each lesson. Please let me know if you would like paper copies printed off for you.

Lesson 1. Work 1. Lesson 2. Work 2. Lesson 3. Work 3.



Re-read the story of the shepherds from last week. I want you to think about how they would be feeling about leaving their job. Why did they accept what the angel said to them? Complete task 2.


We are continuing to look at forces (push and pull). Click here for the ppt. Click here for the worksheets. 


This week I would like you to complete task 2, labelling European countries. Have you visited any of the countries on the map? If so can you write and draw a poster about it for me please? Click here for the ppt 2. Worksheet 2.


We are starting a study of European art, as it links to our Geography topic. This week I would like you to find out about the artist Anselm Kiefer (using the ppt), and have a go at drawing "Broken Buildings"

Click here for the ppt. Click here for the "Broken Buildings" photo pack.

Don't forget to send me your artwork. Here are some that have been done in school this week.



Here is the list of programmes that CBBC will be showing this week. I'm going to try to have Art Ninja on each day in class because I do like that programme!


Hello Y3! I hope you are all well and staying safe.

Thank you to Mia, Eesa and Divine for sending me pictures of their Christmas holiday homework. They were fab!


Well as you know some of you will be learning in school and some of you will be learning at home.  My aim is that the work will be the same for everybody both at home and school. We will be using White Rose for Maths and Oak Academy Trust for English, just click on the links and follow the instructions.

In your home learning packs there will be a purple exercise book and work bookletsPLEASE only work on the pages I ask you to do.


Lessons for each week will be posted here. Please email your completed tasks and keep me informed of how you are and what you're up to.


1. 2 digits multiplied by 1 digit. Video link. Worksheet 1.

2. 2 digits multiplied by 1 digit. Video link. Worksheet 2.


I'm sure you will enjoy the book these lessons are based on. You can use your purple exercise book to complete your tasks. If you want to type your work up to send to me that will be fine.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2


We will be studying forces and magnets this half term. I am looking for some fun practical things for you to do at home (that won't need you to buy anything specific!)

Look at Science PPT 1.  Tasks Science 1. Mindmap. Worksheet 1.

R.E. Unit D Christmas

I know it seems strange to be studying Christmas when we have finished our Christmas holidays! We will be focusing on the Shepherds and St Francis of Assisi and the First Crib.

Lesson 1. Read the story of the Shepherds. Task R.E 1.


We had a lot of fun making our own fossils. Oh and a lot of mess thanks to Mr Allport!


Last week we had great fun creating role plays based on the book Stone Age Boy that we had been reading in class. Click here to view our videos.


We created some amazing chalk drawings based on our class reading of The Firework's Makers Daughter. We hope you don't get scared by Razvani the Fire Fiend!!


We have had some amazing broad beans grown. Here are Eesa, Kaiden and Mr Allport's (he is very chuffed...)

Enter text...


We loved playing in the leaves...! We collected lots pf leaves and twigs to create pictures. We hope you liked them. We had so much fun making a leafy mess! 


The PE sessions outside have been very enjoyable. There has been lots of team work and building up of skills. When it has been bad weather we have been enjoying Cosmic Yoga in class.


We have been focusing on addition & subtraction of 1 digit & then 2 digits to a 3 digit number. We have used pictorial representations. I hope these posters are useful and help parents to understand what we have been doing. There will be more to come when we move onto more formal methods.




We are looking closely at our celery sticks to see how the water has travelled.

In the holidays I have...

Zoo visit 27.8.20

Today I have been to one of my favourite places ever, Dudley Zoo. I was with Charlie and Mr Allport. It was fab to see the animals, especially my absolute favourites the penguins. We did get very wet in the rain though...

Eesa's email 22.8.20

Eesa shared what he’s been up to over the holidays. He has been enjoying drawing and reading. He loves Harry Potter and enjoys the Goosebumps books by R.L Stine.

Good for you Eesa x

Resources Sorting

I have been sorting out some new resources for us. Charlie is helping, but only so he can get to play on his X-box!                    Can you see that Trigger is not helping at all? In fact Trigger is only happy when he is snoring on my lap...

You can share with me what you have been up to at Y3@stteresa.bham.sch.uk



Here's Divine's challenge.                       A super job Divine!

Here's Mason's challenge. Can you see that it is at different times of the day? Wow Mason!

Here is Mia's Stonehenge challenge.       A fabulous job Mia!


Here is Eesa's Stonehenge challenge. Well done Eesa!




These posters show how we regroup ones into a ten and tens into a hundred. We start by adding ones, then tens and then the hundreds. We are not focussing on the compact method as yet. I hope these are helpful.


We have been fascinated about things to do with fire and fireworks because of The Firework Maker's Daughter. Mr Allport used to be an RAF firefighter, so we asked him LOTS of questions. He was very impressed with our questions and asked us to create some posters of what  we found out. Here they are:


Here are the National Curriculum Objectives for children in Y3.


 Please note spelling test and homework day has changed from Monday to Friday.

Enjoying Science!

We have started our topic investigating plants. Here we have set up an experiment to see how water travels up a plant.



Keep an eye out in the post, one of these letters should be coming to your house!

Here are some photos of our classroom ready for September.   It is going to be really different for all of us. I hope you like what I've done so far. Love Mrs Allport x