Year 4 2019 - 2020


Miss Gibbon, Mrs Roberts and Year 4 welcome you to our page.


Here are our first Rainbows. If you've done one please email and I will add it to the class page.





Letters to Miss Gibbon 

Thank you to those children who have written me a letter about why we should not use plastic bags. They were fantastic. If you complete yours email them to me and I will add them to the web page.




VE Day Celebrations

On Friday it was VE Day, celebrating the end of World War Two in Europe. Some streets had social distanced street parties and decorated their homes. In my family we decorated our houses, see the photos below. If you or your family did anything to celebrate this occasion please send me any photos and I will add them here.


Thank you to those children who have sent me photos of the other activities they have been up to, whether it be baking, making robots, forts or getting creative. Send your photos and they will be added.

P.E. and Physical Activity

Click here to see the P.E. and Physical Activity ideas and information for week beginning:

4th May

11th May

18th May

25th May

This resource has kindly been provided by Jo Nightingale on behalf of the Hamstead Hall Sports Partnership.



If your child is struggling to understand the Coronavirus this book has been released. It has been illustrated by Axel Shaeffer, who illustrated The Gruffalo books. I suggest you read the book first and then decide whether to share with your children. It may help them understand this situation and why certain rules, like schools closing, are in place.

Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other.

Classroomsecrets kids is now working.

Monday 23rd March

Please find links to two websites for Spelling and Maths. Both of these websites have 14 day free trials at the moment.

Click here for spellingshed

Click here for mathshed

Wednesday 25th March

Hope you are all okay, I'm missing you lots, far too quiet! Take care and BE SAFE.

Here are some more free links that might help you, they are both free, once you have logged in.

Click here for Literacyshedplus

Click here for Carol Vorderman Maths Factor

Friday 27th March

 Good morning to you all. Hope that you and your families are keeping safe. 

Year 4 - You can now email me should you have any questions (or just want to say hello!) on

It would be great if you could share any pictures/photos of what you are up to and I will make them into a scrapbook to show what we got up to during this time. 

Thought I would add another couple of links for you.

The Body Coach -Joe Wicks, is doing a daily workout for children and their families Monday-Friday at 9am on You Tube- PE with Joe. This is a great way to keep physically fit and I've completed them and they are tiring but you do feel better afterwards.

Click here for PE with Joe

Also, I saw this on a teacher website which might be useful to keep your days occupied and also allowing the children to develop other skills.

Monday 30th March

R A I O  T R A I L

Have any you seen rainbows in windows when you are out and about? All you have to do is create Rainbow pictures and stick them in your window for children to find on walks You can be as creative as you like using pens, paints or anything you have to make one. Don't forget to share your rainbows. 

Email your picture to

Take care of yourselves and your family, miss seeing your faces around school.

Wednesday 1st April

This week we are looking at symmetry in Maths (an object is symmetrical when one half
is a mirror image of the other half). Today I have included a worksheet to introduce this topic, there will be more later in the week. Please print off the worksheet and complete.


Don't forget to send in your Rainbow Pictures to the Year 4 email address.

Friday 3rd April

Please find some more symmetry sheets for you to have a go at completing. 

Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Next week I will add some Literacy tasks and some Zumba dance videos. Miss you all lots.


As we begin Holy Week and the lead up to the crucifixion of Jesus, I thought the children could make their own Easter Garden. If the children do make one, could you please take a photograph and email it to the class email. Thank you. 

Monday 6th April

 To finish our Topic on Chocolate, try to complete these Chocolate Brain Teasers.


Wednesday 8th April

 RE - As this week is Holy Week I have included a storyboard for the children to complete about the events of Holy Week. If they could write a short description of the event and then they can draw a picture to depict the scene.


There is also an Easter Activity booklet to keep you occupied if you are getting bored!!!!

 Easter Activity Pack
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To keep you active during this time, I have uploaded some Zumba workouts.Do them on your own or get your family involved.

Hope you have a fantastic Easter. There will be no more updates for Home Learning until Monday 20th April. Please try to enjoy this special time together. I miss you all lots.

Welcome back to the Summer Term,not the one we were expecting, but hopefully one where we can still learn new skills and continue to keep safe and healthy.

Please email me any pictures of activities that you have been doing during this closure, it brightens my day and keeps me connected to you all. Email them to: I miss seeing you all in the classroom. 


Monday 20th April

This half term our Topic is the Ancient Egyptians. I would like you to try and make your own version of a "Horrible Histories" book with lots of facts, pictures and information. I have included, for now, some links to child friendly websites with information about the Egyptians. I will hopefully upload a book later in the week with more ideas.

Click here for Duckstars Education Site

Click here for National Geographic Kids

Click here for Cool Kid Facts

Click here for Primary Homework Help

In Literacy, we are looking at the book "One Plastic Bag". This book is related to our Building the Kingdom topic of Stewardship. The book is all about recycling and re-using items. Please read the book which I have uploaded below and later in the week I will add some questions and other activities related to the book. If the writing is too small, download the document then a) click view b)click zoom c) then choose the size to view the document.

Wednesday 22nd April

Literacy: Here are the comprehension questions to answer about the book "One Plastic Bag". You can either print off and complete on the sheet or write out and answer the questions on a piece of paper.

Maths: In Maths we should be looking at angles. Please look at the PowerPoint on the "angles family" and then either print off the sheet and complete or complete on paper.

Topic:Here is a book which might help you when you are researching for your version of "Horrible Histories:Egyptians". 

Friday 24th April

Sorry that these are late today. I had a few problems with my laptop but they are all sorted.

Literacy: Here are some more comprehension questions to answer about the book "One Plastic Bag". You can either print off and complete on the sheet or write out and answer the questions on a piece of paper.

Maths: Complete the worksheet by ordering the angles

Monday 27th April

 Good morning, hope you are all keeping well. I am missing you lots and would love to hear from you via the email about what you are up to or just to say "hello". The weather was lovely this weekend and I hope you managed to enjoy it.

Literacy:Could you please complete the sequencing activity. I have included the answer sheet in a separate link for parents.


The White Rose Maths Team have prepared a series of daily maths lessons for each year group from Year 1-8. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to complete the activity successfully. There is a worksheet for you to try and complete for each task.

The first 2 weeks look at decimals which we have looked at in class.

If you could look at Summer Term Week 1(W/C 20th April) Click here for link

and Summer Term Week 2 (W/C 27th April) Click here for link

There are answer sheets available to check your work.

Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning. Hope you are all keeping well.

Literacy: To complete the activity on the Cause and Effect of certain events in the story "One Plastic Bag"

Here are the answer sheets for last Wednesday 22nd April and Friday 24th April comprehension activities

Wednesday 22nd answer sheet

Friday 24th April answer sheet

Science: Our Topic this half term is "Living Things and Habitats". Over the next few days and weeks I will be uploading the plans, related PowerPoints and worksheets for this topic. Please try to complete them. There will also be a link to the answer sheets.

Link to planning sheet

Link to PowerPoint

Link to Worksheet answers


Friday 1st May

It was so lovely to talk to  some of you on Wednesday and to hear that you are all keeping safe and well. It made me realise how much I am missing you all.

Literacy: To complete the Acrostic poem about Isatou. Use the information in the book  to help with the poem, try to write a sentence rather than just a word. When you have completed this, email it to me and I can then share them on the class webpage. 

Science: This the second lesson for our Science topic. Please try to complete the worksheet.Some of the animals will appear in a number of the different headings.

Link to planning sheet

Link to PowerPoint

Link to Worksheet answers

Monday 4th May

 Good Morning. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Literacy: To write a letter telling me why we should not use plastic bags. Think about what happens to the plastic bags because they are unable to decompose and it takes many years for them to disintegrate if we throw them out. Think about what we could use instead. I would like you to only use 500 words to tell me your reasons in your letter. Take photos or scan your letter and send it to me at the class email address.

Maths: The White Rose Maths Team have prepared a series of daily maths lessons for each year group from Year 1-8. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to complete the activity successfully. There is a worksheet for you to try and complete for each task. There are also answers for parents to check your work.

This week the topic is multiplication and division

Summer Term Week 3 (W/C 4th May) Click here

Science: Here is the 3rd lesson in our Science topic.

Link to planning sheet

Link to PowerPoint

Link to Worksheet answers

Wednesday 6th May

On Friday it is VE Day, the day that World War 2 ended in Europe. I have included a  PowerPoint explaining what happened at this time. I have also included some activities for you to do. In some places people are holding socially distancing Street Parties to celebrate this event, my street is hopefully going to do this. I will try and take photos and put them on the website. If you, your family or street have a VE Day street party please take some photos and I will put them on the webpage. Remember to  keep a safe distance but enjoy!



Science: Here is the 4th lesson in our Science topic.

Link to planning sheet

Link to PowerPoint

Link to Worksheet answers

Monday 11th May

Good morning. Here is today's update. The Maths and Literacy is to be worked on throughout the week.

Literacy: We are going to begin using the Oak National Academy Literacy plans. This week the focus is on Story. When you click on the link, please scroll down to the section titled "Genre Focus Story". Click on each link on the specific day and complete the task set.

Please click here for Literacy Link

Maths: We are continuing to use the White Rose Maths, they have, however, changed how this can be accessed. Please see the new links below.

Please click here for Maths Summer Term Week 4 (W/C 11th May) Videos only

Here are the worksheets and answers for White Rose Maths

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Science: Here is the 5th lesson in our Science topic.

Link to planning sheet

Link to PowerPoint

Link to Worksheet answers

Wednesday 13th May

 Good morning. Please continue to use the Maths and Literacy tasks from Monday.

History:I know you have the challenge of making your own version of Horrible Histories based on the Ancient Egyptians, but I have included some Ancient Egyptian worksheets for you to complete.

Link to planning sheet

Link to PowerPoint

Friday 15th May

Good Morning. Continue with the Maths and Literacy for this week.

History:Here are the next 2 lessons for the History.

Lesson 2:Click here for planning

Click here for PowerPoint

Click here for answers

Monday 18th May

Good Morning. Hope you all had a good weekend and kept safe.

Literacy: We are continuing to use the Oak National Academy Literacy plans. This week the focus is on Non-Chronological Report. When you click on the link, please scroll down to the section titled "Genre Focus Non-Chronological Report". Click on each link on the specific day and complete the task set.

Please click here for Literacy Link

Maths: This week we are using the Master the Curriculum Scheme. This has a PowerPoint to help explain concepts. There are also worksheets and answer sheets provided below.

There are 2 PowerPoints, one for Days 1-4 and the other for Day 5.

Day 1-4 activities are below. The worksheets with an A at the front are the answer sheets.

 A Day 1 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 A Day 2 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 A Day 3 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 A Day 4 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Day 1 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Day 2 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Day 3 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Day 4 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Edited Year 4 Summer Block 2 Money Pounds and Pence.pptxDownload
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Day 5 Activities

 A Day 5 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Day 5 Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Edited Year 4 Summer Block 2 Ordering Money.pptxDownload
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History:Here are the next 2 lessons for the History.

Lesson 4:Click here for planning

Click here for PowerPoint

RE: This week we would be looking at Pentecost. So there will be a couple of activities to be completed this week.

You can either print off the worksheet and fill in the blanks or copy out the passage on a piece of paper.

 Answers Pentecost.pdfDownload
 Bible Readings for Pentecost.pdfDownload
 Pentecost worksheet.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 20th May

History:Here are the next 2 lessons for the History.

Lesson 6:Click here for planning

Click here for PowerPoint

RE: Here is the next lesson for RE this week on Pentecost.

Please read the bible quotes related to the Holy Spirit and then write the correct quote related to the words mentioned. To help you there are the words at the end of each quote to make  it easier to match them up.

 Bible Quotes about the Holy Spirit.pdfDownload
 LO To know that the people in the Old and New Testament were aware of the Holy Spirit.pdfDownload
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Here is a book I found called "How Not to got to School". It talks about the changes that might have happened over the last couple of months. If you get chance, read it and write/email me a short book review explaining what you liked/didn't like about it.

Friday 22nd May

 Good morning to you all. It was really lovely to have some new emails this week, please continue to send me photos of what you have been up to, it really cheers me up! 

Hope you have a good half term holiday, even though it might not be the one you were expecting!

There will not be anymore work put on the website until Monday 8th June. Remember, to take photos of any activities you do during the holidays and email them to the class email.

Take Care and Be Safe

RE: Please find a number of activities related to Pentecost. You can watch the PowerPoint to help you understand the events of Pentecost.

Click here for Pentecost PowerPoint

 Ans Pentecost Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Pentecost Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Pentecost wordsearch.pdfDownload
 t-au-l-53067-pentecost-activity-sheet-_ver_1 (1).pdfDownload
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Click here for the Autumn Overview

Parents Briefing

Thank you to all the parents that attended the parents briefing. I hope that it helped you understand the processes in Year 4.For those that were were unable to attend a copy of the power point is below.


On the evening of Friday 13th September a large number of Year 4 children returned to school to experience an overnight experience. The children in Year 3 and 4 slept in the school hall, this represented a space acquired in a hostel for the night. The children watched a power point presentation about our perceptions of being homeless and also role played people living on the streets interacting with passers by. All the children gained an amazing experience and a small understanding of the hardships homeless people endure daily. 

MacMillan Coffee Morning

On Friday 27th September, we wore green to celebrate the MacMillan Coffee Morning. We enjoyed a cake and a drink and helped raise lots of money for this worthwhile charity.

St John The Evangelist, Perry Barr Visit

On Wednesday 23rd October, we visited St John the Evangelist Church in Perry Barr. Father Barrie told us all about the church and the similarities and differences between the Church of England and Catholic Churches. 

RE Lesson 05.11.19

In our RE lesson today we acted out the story of Joshua and the fall of the walls of Jericho. We worked in groups of 3 re-telling the story and understanding that it wasn't the trumpets or shouting that brought down the walls but GOD. 

Esele, Daya and Ruth

Sofia, Keerat and Ethan

Tiana, Ummay and Avani

Victoria, Jamie and James

Arjun and Balraaj

Lacey, Gianna and Tarli-Monae

Kaiden, Manpreet and Joshua

Oskar, Sam and Sukhjeevan

Imani, Shanice and D'Sharnai

Tomasz, Gabriel and Sebastian


On Tuesday 3rd December, we visited Blakesley Hall. This is a Tudor house in Stechford, built in 1590,that once belonged to Sir Richard Smallbroke.

In the morning, we tried writing with Quills, brass rubbing, looking at and drawing artefacts from that era and building wooden houses without nails!!

In the afternoon, Phil,our guide, told us all about the history of the house. Sukhjeevan became Sir Richard and Tarli-Monae became Jane the maid. We all got the chance to dress up as a gentleman or maid.

We learnt lots and had a fantastic time.


During February half-term, Year 4 were asked to research Cadbury's and the history of the factory. The children produced superb models, posters and Power Points to show what they had discovered about Cadbury's. They did an amazing job.

Well Done. 

















On Friday 28th February a group of Year 4 children took part in some Indoor Athletics at Birmingham City University. The events were led by the student training to be PE teachers. Thank you to Mrs Murdock for taking them.



Please look and have a go at these multiplication Maths Games, as they will help you for the Year 4 Times Table Assessment later in the Year.

Please click here for games.

Times Tables

 We have times table tests every Friday, these videos might help in order to learn them. 


An amazing well done to Year 4 who raised a fantastic £160 for Helping Hands of Birmingham, a charity that supports homeless people in Birmingham. With the money we were able to buy 10 scarves, 20 hats, 10 pairs of gloves, 30 pairs of socks, 12 tubes of toothpaste, 18 packs of baby wipes, 15 deodorants, other toiletries and 12 sleeping bags. The video below is from Claire, the founder of the charity, after her visit to the school on Wednesday 20th November.



For the next few weeks and over Christmas please practice your Maths, times tables, by using these interactive games.

Click here for interactive games



Please practice  the songs in preparation for the Junior Carol Service at St Teresa's Church on Tuesday 17th December.

Hosanna Rock

How Can this Be

Nobody Wants to Know


Little Baby

Something Extra

Glory to God

For Unto Us

We Have Travelled

The Greatest Treasure

You Are My Brother

Hosanna Rock

Class Assembly Friday 7th February 9am.

Here is the link to the Chocolate Song. If you could learn it and the dance routine(remember to try and learn it with opposite arms etc).

Click here for link


Well done to Year 4 for a chocorific assembly about chocolate. You were all amazing and made me proud.
















 On Thursday 5th March, Year 4 took part in the annual Music Evening. The class showed off their talents on the Fifes whilst others showcased their talents on the violins and drums. We are a very talented class.