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Miss Gold and Mrs Murdock

2020 - 2021


Welcome to Year 5. Please scroll through our page to see what we have been up to. Smiley emoji, Blushing Emoji Smiley Face, Smile, face, smiley png | PNGEgg


Eagle-eyed parents, carers and children may have spotted that the CGP English Comprehension and Spelling  booklets do not have the answers at the back! If you wish to check once a lesson is completed (as timetabled) then please see below. 

Year 5 English Comprehension Targeted Question Book Answers (ALL).

Year 5 English Spelling Targeted Question Book Answers.(Highlighted sections for the weeks commencing 11th & 18th January 2021)


We have certainly enjoyed exploring our roles and responsibilities (PSHE) within our community this week! Watch the video recordings and work below produced by some of our Year 5's -  sharing their individual roles which demonstrate cooperation, respect and participation. Well done all!

Ruth - Click here

Gianna - Click here

Tiana - Click here

Daya - Click here

Shanice - Click here

Tomasz - Click here 

Manpreet - Click here

Esele - Click here


WC Monday 18th January 2021

 Good morning Year 5! 

I hope you have all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. It has been so lovely to hear from many of you that are learning at home - keep up the good work! The children in school are doing the same activities as those doing remote learning and we are mostly using the same timetable schedule as below. I know some of you have found this helpful in guiding you through the week's lessons (click on it to enlarge to view again).

Your learning for the week is below. Some of the tasks will be in our CGP home learning booklets. Please send in what you can to Y5@stteresa.bham.sch.uk and I will share some of your work on this webpage very soon!


Missing you all,

Miss Gold x

NUMERACY - This week we will be learning addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals using mental and formal written methods.


Lesson 1 (Monday) Addition of whole numbers - Watch the video  and Click here for the worksheet. (Choose one worksheet; either * easier, ** medium,***harder then try the extension sheet of missing numbers to challenge yourself further! Only check answers once you have completed the task!)


Lesson 2 (Tuesday) Mental and written addition. Click here for the presentation and then work through pages 6 & 7 in your Maths CGP booklet.  


Lesson 3 (Wednesday) Subtraction of whole numbers - Watch the video  and Click here for the worksheet. (Again, choose one worksheet; either * easier, ** medium,***harder then try the extension sheet to challenge yourself further! Only check answers once you have completed the task!)


Lesson 4 (Thursday) Mental and written subtraction. Click here for the presentation and then work through pages 8 & 9 in your Maths CGP booklet.  


Lesson 5 (Friday) Today we will be adding and subtracting decimals! Click here for the presentation and click here for the worksheet.



Lesson 1 – To generate verbs and adverbs to describe a setting.

Lesson 2 – To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes. Click here for the lesson presentation the complete Pages 18 & 19 in your CGP English Spelling book.

Lesson 3 – To practise using non-finite clauses.

Lesson 4 – To write the opening.

Lesson 5 – To practise and apply knowledge of ‘ough’. Click here for the lesson presentation the complete Pages 22 & 23 in your CGP English Spelling book..


READING COMPREHENSION - Complete Pages 4 & 5 in your CGP English Comprehension booklet (An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth).


TOPIC  - For this week’s Topic lesson, we will be learning about the House of Wisdom and its legacy. We will discover how it became an important centre for learning for the Early Islamic Civilisation.

Click here for the lesson presentation 

Click here for the worksheet 1.

Click here for the worksheet 2.


SCIENCE Continuing with our learning on Forces; today we will be looking at mechanisms. A mechanism is a device that changes an input force or motion into a different output force or motion.

Click here for the lesson presentation.

Click here for the mechanism fact sheet.

Click here for the worksheet task. (Complete one worksheet 1 star easier or 3 star harder).


PSHE  - We will explore the roles and responsibilities that each of you, individually, as a citizen, have in your community. You will then create a short video that outlines your role, alongside the main responsibilities you have – please send these in so that they can be shared on our webpage! If you are unable to film then please select the worksheet activity below.


Click here for the lesson.

Click here for the worksheet.


RE  - Continuing with our Christmas unit; this week we will learn the main features of the Christmas Story from Matthew’s Gospel 2:9-12.  


Click here for the lesson presentation.

Click here for the worksheet.


SPELLINGS - Please practice your spelling words for the week that are focused on ‘ee’ sounding words which are spelt ‘ei’. Click here.


ART  - This week, we will be learning a little more about Stephen Wiltshire and his amazing city landscape sketches. We will then look at some various landscape artwork and decide which shading techniques have been used (think back to last week's lesson!) Can you apply one of the techniques to your own sketching task?

Click here for the video

Click here for the art tasks.


P.E  with Joe - Click here. Or for something different, try some yoga by clicking here! There is a Harry Potter themed yoga session which I know some of you will love - click here for that!




WC Monday 11th January 2021

Good morning Year 5! 

I hope you are all getting on okay. Most of you will have received your home learning booklets by now. If not, then hopefully by this week. I will direct you as to which pages you need to complete each week along with other work to be downloaded from here. Use the yellow exercise book for your Literacy lessons and other lessons when required. Try your best to complete what you can - I will ensure house points are allocated to you once we are back to normal Smiley emoji, Blushing Emoji Smiley Face, Smile, face, smiley png | PNGEgg

Lessons for the week are below, underneath the timetable suggestion. Everyone will have a different way of working at home but you may find the timetable helpful.

Best wishes,

Miss Gold x

NUMERACY - This week we will be interpreting Negative numbers, counting in Powers of 10 and revising Place Value.

Lesson 1 - Watch the video (3rd Video named Negative numbers) & Click here for the worksheet 

Lesson 2 - Click here for the presentation & Click here for the worksheets (1 star easier/ 2 star medium / 3 star harder)

Lesson 3 - Watch the video here & Click here for the worksheet (Try to have a go at sections A to H or just the ones you feel comfortable with).

Lesson 4Click here for the Presentation & Click here for the worksheets (1 star easier/ 2 star medium / 3 star harder)

Lesson 5 - Complete Pages 1 & 2 in your CGP Maths book. Click here for the presentation to guide you through the work and extension revision! 


LITERACY – We will be studying a text called ‘The Viewer’ over the next 3-4 weeks. Our lessons will consist of predictions, grammar, vocabulary, setting descriptions and diary entry writing. These lessons will be through the Oak National Academy online learning resource. Please use your yellow exercise book provided in your home learning pack to complete the lessons. Click the links below for this week’s lessons:-

Lesson 1 – To explore a text.

Lesson 2 – To investigate suffixes ‘ible’ and ‘able’. You can also complete Pages 16 & 17 in your CGP Spelling book which targets these suffixes plus ‘ably’ and ‘ibly’.

Lesson 3 – To explore relative pronouns.

Lesson 4 – To generate vocabulary to describe a setting.

Lesson 5 – To develop a rich understanding of words.


READING COMPREHENSION - Complete Pages 2&3 in your CGP English Comprehension booklet. 


TOPIC - Early Islamic Civilisation – This week we will use our mapping skills to locate the countries of the Middle East and identify vocabulary related to its physical features (deserts, mountains and rivers).

Click here for the Presentation.

Click here for Worksheet 1

Click here for Worksheet 2


SCIENCE – Forces Recap and Consolidation. Watch the two videos below. What can you remember about our lessons on Forces? Can you think of 3 times we use forces in everyday life?

A compilation of forces in action https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zf84d2p

Recap of forces https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zch4wxs

Click here for the worksheet activity.


PSHE This week you will understand what a community is, explore the different types of communities and consider the benefits of being a part of one. Click here to begin the lesson and click here for the worksheet resource. 


RE  - Click here for work on this week's current unit.


SPELLINGS - Click here.


ART  - We are going to practice sketching techniques. View the information slides (click here) to learn shading and texture drawing techniques and click the worksheet activities below:-


Worksheet 1 - Shading

Worksheet 2 - Texture


P.E with Joe - Click here.



Hello Year 5. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. We find ourselves in strange circumstances yet again with the ongoing situation of Coronavirus. That means that our learning will need to take place online and at home instead of in the classroom (for now). So a little different to our lovely Autumn Term but…we can do this!


Going forward, lessons for the week will be uploaded to this class page every Monday and over the next few days I will also be sending you some practice books for Spelling, Reading Comprehension and Maths - giving you certain pages to complete each week.


Lessons for this week (week commencing 5th January 2020) are currently being updated below.


If you have any questions, can provide me with any completed tasks for feedback, or simply want to say hello then please email me at Y5@stteresa.bham.sch.uk. I hope to speak with you all over the next coming weeks.


Best wishes to you all and I hope it isn’t too long until we can resume some form of normality.

Missing you all lots.

Miss Gold x


NUMERACY - This week we will be classifying shapes including quadrilaterals and triangles, recognising regular and irregular polygons and identifying 3D shapes from 2D representations. 


Lesson 1 Click here for the presentation and click here for the worksheet.

Lesson 2 Click here for the presentation and click here for the worksheet. 

Lesson 3 Click here for the video presentation and click here for the worksheet.

Lesson 4 Click here for the bitesize learning and presentation and click here for the worksheet.


LITERACY - This week in Literacy we will be exploring and revising simple, compound and complex sentences. Please click the link here to take you to The Oak National Academy learning page. This is comprised of five lessons for the week with videos to guide you through your learning - just have a notebook and pen/pencil to hand and you're good to go :-) 


TOPIC/HISTORY - This term we will be learning about the Early Islamic Civilisation. The Early Islamic World was a period of rapid expansion for both the Islamic Empire and the religion of Islam. While Europe was languishing in the dark ages, the Middle East was experiencing a time of economic prosperity and scientific advancement! 

Please click here for the lesson presentation, click here for the summary information sheet and click here for the worksheet. 


SPELLINGS - Although we won't be having our weekly spelling test as normal; please keep learning them. Try to fully understand the definition of the word and create your own sentences by selecting the spellings for the week here.


PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education)In the Autumn term we discussed mindfulness and ways to look after our mental health. You may have lots of questions and concerns at the moment. Read through the presentation from the British Red Cross (click here),  then complete the worksheet (click here) outlining any worries you may have - can you think of ways to help you deal with them? 


ART - This term we will be learning about the Artist Stephen Wiltshire and the techniques he uses to create works of art. Please familiarise yourself with him (click here for the fact sheet) and explore his artwork (click here)



Thursday 10th December 2020

In preparation for Christmas, children at St Teresa's created baby Jesus figures for the Blessing of the Bambinelli's. This Advent tradition is a way for children to connect their Nativity scene at home to the celebration of Christmas with the church. We loved having Father Peter bless the Bambinelli's across the school. Have a look at Year 5's wonderful creations below..


 St Teresa's had a lot of fun dressed up as rock stars on Friday 4th December! This was to  launch the Times Tables Rock Stars website - a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice for our pupils to access at home.

Each week concentrates on a different times table, with a recommended consolidation week for rehearsing the tables that have recently been learnt. Check out Year 5's rock star outfits below! 

Please access the site here:-  https://ttrockstars.com


Wednesday 25th November 2020

Today in Science, we investigated the effects of air resistance on moving objects. We found it fascinating to learn that all objects fall at the same rate, no matter what their mass - even though this can be hard to believe! It is the force of air resistance that can affect falling objects.

Our brief for our Science investigation:- Parachutes don't save people who fall out of airplanes - Tech Explorist

The Super Skydiving Company are redesigning the parachute they use to allow people to perform skydives from aeroplanes. They want to make sure that the parachute they use allows their customers to fall from the aeroplane as slowly and safely as possible.

You are going to investigate a helpful effect of air resistance by finding the best design for their new parachute.

The perfect parachute will be the one that makes a person fall the slowest. It will cause air resistance to push it up with the biggest force.

We got to work straight away, testing out some different parachute designs and ensuring we only changed one variable to guarantee a fair test!

Do items fall at the same rate on the moon? Is there air on the moon to affect falling objects?


Literacy WC 23rd November 2020

Why are Naledi and Tiro worried? Why can‘t they go to the hospital? What does Naledi decide to do? Who is Dineo?

Journey to Jo'Burg (Essential Modern Classics) (Journey to Jo'Burg Series  Book 1) eBook: Naidoo, Beverley: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle StoreThese are just some of the questions Year 5 have been trying to find the answers to from our class text, Journey to Jo'Burg by Beverly Naidoo. So far, we understand that this story will take us on an adventure set within a dangerous and difficult landscape of Apartheid, South Africa.


Multiplication & Division - Year 5, please take a look at the video below to assist you in your learning of multiplication and division using place value counters. It is a little long(!) but very informative, particularly with 'regrouping' and 'exchanging'. 


Scientific inquiry - FORCES

On Wednesday the 18th November, we carried out a Science experiment to investigate and explain the effect of gravity on unsupported objects.

We have learnt that Mass is a measure of the amount of ‘stuff’ inside an object, and is measured in kilograms (kg). Weight is actually a measure of the strength of gravity acting on an object. It is measured in newtons (N). The weight of an object is caused by gravity pulling it down. Objects with more mass have a greater weight, as the force of gravity pulls them down more strongly.

We very much enjoyed using the weighing scales and Newton Meters to conduct our investigation! Check out our pictures below:-


Year 5 say NO to bullying...

Anti-Bullying Week took place from Monday 16th - Friday 20th November and launched with Odd Socks Day to mark the first day. Children and staff came to school wearing odd socks to encourage everyone to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and uniqueness! The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2020 is United Against Bullying. Last year 75% of schools in the country took part, reaching well over 7 million young people! 

In Year 5, we have been discussing the seriousness of bullying and what we can do to help raise awareness to persuade everyone to treat each other with kindness and respect. The children have been learning about persuasive techniques and devices in Literacy, understanding how to effectively use emotive language in order to complete their own anti-bullying leaflet. Have a look at their creations below:-

Watch the video above to see Andy and the Odd Socks perform The Kids are United, featuring Princess K, Libera. This is the official song for Odd Socks Day and Anti-Bullying Week 2020.


Thursday 12th November 2020

Today, Year 5 prepared, cooked and tasted their own savoury, dish - a delicious pasta bake! The children could select a range of ingredients of their choice from last week's taste testing sessions. Some chose a tomato passata based pasta bake whilst others chose a basil pesto bake - adding vegetables, herbs and cheeses. Children followed instructions on food hygiene and safety when preparing their dishes and enjoyed eating them once cooked. The bakes must have had the seal of approval from Year 5 - there were no leftovers to be seen! Well done to all pupils for being sensible and producing a tasty, successful, savoury meal Smiley emoji, Blushing Emoji Smiley Face, Smile, face, smiley png | PNGEgg


Week commencing 9/11/2020. In Numeracy this week we will be converting units of measure. The key below will help guide you through these lessons.

Friday 6th November 2020 - Taste Testing!

Year 5 taste tested a range of ingredients today as part of their Design & Technology unit on Seasonal Cooking, investigating appearance, aroma, texture and flavour. Children rated each ingredient with a score out of 5, leading to discussions and decisions about their preferences for which ingredients to use in the cooking task commencing next week. The foods they tasted and assessed were as follows:-





·        Spinach

·        Spring Onion

·        Courgette

·        Celeriac

·        Broccoli

·        Thai Basil

·        Sage

·        Coriander


·        Tomato  


·        Basil Pesto

·        Mozzarella

·        Feta

·        Parmesan



Week commencing 2/11/2020. In Numeracy this week we will be multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Look at the revision chart below to help support you in your learning:-

Multiplying and-dividing-by-10-100-and-1000


Please see below a list of useful websites which can help to support learning. These websites are geared towards Numeracy, Literacy, Reading and Science. The list will be updated regularly so keep a look out for new websites that may be useful.

www.topmarks.com - Maths support - well designed and good fun with lots of interactive resources


www.garyhall.com - All the Year 5 Maths objectives in one place! Games and activities to support learning. 


https://www.funbrain.com/math-zone - packed with games, comics, reading tools and more that are all geared towards being just as entertaining as they are useful for learning.


http://www.helpmykidlearn.ie/ - targeted learning according to age and skill level.


www.splashmath.com - Maths learning programme used by more than 30 Million children for fun Numeracy practice.


https://www.makemegenius.com/  All things Science! providing multiple types of teaching exercises that range from videos and PowerPoints, to tests and easy-to-read articles.


www.sciencebob.com - provides fun experiments and exercises that will teach children how to research and think scientifically.


http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/Printing_Press/   - helps children harness the creativity of writing and design. Children are encouraged to design their own newspapers, flyers, or even brochures with tools for writing and image placement.


www.kiddle.com - safe search engine for children.


www.learnyourtables.co.uk - created to provide a visual resource for helping children learn even the trickiest equations. It also tests them on their tables to make sure they're secure, thanks to an interactive “drag” system that they control.


https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/ - Nat Geo Kids uses lots of fun games, interesting videos, puzzles and cool photos to make the world feel like a smaller, exciting place.


As an additional support tool for leanring, the CGP Year 5 (Key Stage 2) books for Maths Reading, Spelling & Grammar may be useful. 'The Study Book' in particular is very informative on how to work through problems with a step by step approach.


Please click on the Year 5 Autumn overview below to enlarge. This is for both Autumn 1 and 2.

We have had so much fun learning about the different features of poetry! We have been reading and discussing various poems, identifying the subject matter and understanding the features they may contain. Some of our favourite lessons included learning about Similes and Metaphors and creating some of our own - some of us thought it was a walk in the park and felt over the moon with our work! Wink Emoji Emoticon Smile WWT Washington, PNG, 512x512px, Wink, Book,  Customer Review, Email, Emoji Download Free

The slides below will help to revise the key features of poetry:-

Watch the video below to support your learning about Square Numbers:-

Watch the video below to support your learning about Factors:-


Watch the video below to support your learning about Multiples:-

Who is Benjamin Zephaniah?

Benjamin Zephaniah is a writer and poet, born and raised in the Handsworth district of Birmingham. He is the son of a Barbadian postman and a Jamaican nurse. Zephaniah performs a style of 'Dub' poetry and his work often speaks out against racism and homelessness. Year 5 have researched the writer as part of their Literacy lessons and have created their own biographies about him. Fabulous work Year 5 - well done! 

                      Watch the video above to see Benjamin Zephaniah perform 'Dis Poetry'. 

Dear Parents & Carers,

Please see the slides below which outline information for the coming year. If you have any queries please get in touch - Y5@stteresa.bham.sch.uk.

Thank you

Miss Gold.

Hello to the new Year 5 class!

It was lovely to speak to some of you and your parents / carers over the last week of term. I didn't manage to speak to everyone but I'm looking forward to welcoming you all to Year 5 in September!

Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to meet face to face before the end of term for our usual transition day so I was hoping you could let me know a little bit about yourself if you get the chance?

There is a booklet you can complete (click here for the booklet) or you can send me an email to Y5@stteresa.bham.sch.uk.

I hope that you all have a wonderful summer. If you have any worries or if there is anything that you would like to know then please email me at the Y5 address and I'll do my best to answer your questions. 

Have fun and keep safe.

Miss Gold.