Residential 2018

Thursday 22nd March


After eating yet another 'hearty' breakfast both groups set off across the bay in a motor boat to the sandy, sand dunes. Activities included sliding down a huge sand dune, collecting interesting objects and burying each other in the sand. We then returned to the wharf for the ever popular and challenging 'jetty' jump. Mark and Brian demonstrated how to do it safely and as photos show, Brian led the way.

Then the children and Mrs Gogna, and Mrs Higgins all braved the elements ably supported by school photographer Mr Donaghy. We warmed up with warm showers and a new set of clothes. As this is being written we are waiting to go back to the beach for a bonfire. Over and out for this year. See you all tomorrow. The staff are looking forward to a cup of tea* (*delete as appropriate - glass of wine, bucket of vodka, sparkling water).

Wednesday 21st March

Wednesday - Water Day! Fine weather greeted us once more for our 7.15 breakfast. Both teams were heading for Ynysymaengwyn for a day of canoeing. After putting on many layers of clothing (swimming kit,  t shirt, wet-suit, warm clothing, waterproofs and buoyancy-aids) we journeyed via minibus to the river.

Getting into the boats was fun (!) Brian (Mrs Higgins' teddy) fell in, and then we learned to paddle our own canoes. Several paddles were dropped!

We stopped for lunch on the riverbank and then continued up stream for another 2 miles. Both teams raced for the finish line!

Hilarity ensued following the end of the race when many children fell, dived, jumped or tumbled into the freezing water and had a splash about!

All got warm and dried and into warm clothes once more before our evening meal.

Night activities begin soon and another day of adventure begins tomorrow!

Tuesday 20th March

A good breakfast was enjoyed by both groups before the day's activities began. Hillary group had a short minibus drive before ascending two mountains which included Bird Rock. We stopped for lunch at the peak before returning to the centre for some team bonding games. Meanwhile Simpson team spent some time on the beach for the world stone skimming championships; saved a jelly fish and then caught a train to Fairbourne. After a challenging walk, they were greeted with the sight of the Blue Lake where they were treated to a beautiful display of icicles.We finished the day with an ice cream. The staff have set some extra homework for when the children return home ... please learn to tie your bootlaces!!

Tonight there will be further team building exercises followed by hot chocolate and a good sleep before canoeing tomorrow.

Monday 19th March

Arrived safe and sound to blue skies and sunshine. Joined our groups leaders and children made their own beds (or fought with the duvet covers at least!).We toured the grounds and then completed the first set of challenges.

Hillary team made a campfire and toasted marshmallows while Simpson team visited the Grot Pot! Everyone is happy and having fun so far!

Later on we will be collecting our kits for tomorrow's adventures.

Lights out at 10pm!!

All messages in the guestbook below will be read to the children!


Please feel free to leave a message for all at Aberdovey

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courtney hanson(a couple of years ago)

Aww just seeing this brings tears to me eyes. I miss St Teresas

Courtney Hanson(a couple of years ago)

Aww it's nice too see all those same that went to residential. It would be the best yr6 memories ever. I miss you guys and all the teachers might come and see the summer production. ✌

Vin Ha(a couple of years ago)

I remember when I did that

Milen(a couple of years ago)

That Was the best trip in HISTORY!!!

Aaron Sehra(a couple of years ago)


Kristabella(a couple of years ago)

Looking forward to seeing you today Kristabella. Looks like this years holiday is going to be an activity holiday for us. Thanks to the teachers as well. Mom x

Sam Richards(a couple of years ago)

Hi Beneice I hope you and all your friends enjoyed your final day of activities in Aberdovey. Did you take lots of photographs? Canoeing looked very interesting with you in the water. Say thank you to the teachers for doing a great job even though they looked like they were having as much fun as Y6. Have a safe journey home tomorrow. Love you x

Kristabella(a couple of years ago)

The canoeing looks real fun. Wow, so you have had an adventure on the water and learned some canoeing skills. Well done. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Kristabella and hearing all about your adventures. Love you xxx Mom

Aunty Aleema(a couple of years ago)

Hi Beneice Love the photos!!!! you all are having so much fun!!! missing you I hope you captured loads of photos on your camera cant wait to see them weekend! love you xxx

Miss Coley(a couple of years ago)

My Darling Beneice I have missed you sooo much this week but I can see your having an awesome time. Take care my darling you make me so proud. See you Friday. Nan xxxxxx

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