Residential Visit 2019

Aberdovey Outward Bounds

Friday 8th March.

After breakfast, the morning was spent packing and tidying the rooms for an inspection at 9.00 a.m. The luggage was packed on the coach and we said our goodbyes to Amy, Boo, Owen and Mike. 

We set of at 10.00 a.m. stopping in Welshpool for lunch and arrived back at school at 2.10 p.m.

A special thank you to Miss Walk and Mrs Lamb who looked after Mr Corkery and the twenty four chilldren so well.

There are a number of lessons we learnt including; always tie your laces and the word 'can't' should be banned!



Thursday 7th March.

Both groups were taken by minibus to the Outward Bound Wharf in Aberdovey town. After numerous layers of kit and safety equipment the groups went separately to take on Gorge Walking. Muir group went with Amy, Boo, Mike, Miss Walk and Mrs Lamb. Scott group went with Owen, Ricky and Mr Corkery. A misnomer if ever there was one! Lots of sliding and falling mixed in with some walking. All of the children returned safely but two trainers did not return!

Mrs Lamb and Charlotte were given a tour of the 'Lost World' and the history of the mining associated with that area.

After returning to the Wharf and eventually warming up. Both groups visited the ice-cream shop and had an opportunity to spend some money.

After returning kit and equipment used this week to the 'cages' the groups had dinner. At 7.00 p.m. the groups met their leaders for more sorting out of equipment and a reflection on the wekk and lots of laughs and memories.

The children are tired and have made some fantastic memories. They have been a credit to their families and the school and are looking forward to returning home tomorrow.



Wednesday 6th March.

The updates from today were delayed as we could not access the school website last night.

Muir group started the day down at the wharf in Aberdovey. After acclimatising to the cold sea temperature, the group challenged themselves with the 'Jetty Jump': jumping 16ft from the jetty into the sea below, then swam to the ladder against a 5mph current. After lunch, we made bird feeders from pine cones, lard and seeds. In the afternoon, the group went for a walk to the waterfall at Dolgach Falls. We tried making dens in the woods. We looked for 'Arafs' and even tried eating their poo...which strangely tasted like chocolate brownie....

In the morning, the Scott group stayed on site and played a game, led by Owen, where the group had to crack the numerical code in his head by matching the runners through a skipping rope to the digits of the code. We then went to the 'Leap of Faith', led by Owen and Mike with Gregg and Andrew. All of the group were involved holding the safety ropes whilst each one climbed to the top of the pole and jumped for the trapeze. The group then went by minibus to Dolgach Falls. We toured the falls, then as far as we could go we set up shelters, in the pouring rain and had hot chocolate and marshmallows toasted over a fire.

After dinner, Muir group had fun in the 'Grot Pot' - with several getting rather messy! Whilst, Scott group played 'Lava Flow'. We then all had hot chocolate at 8.30 p.m. before settling down for the night.



Tuesday 5th March.

All were up and ready for breakfast at 7.10 a.m. Then the Muir and Scott groups met their leaders at 9.00 a.m. and gathered their equipment for the day. 

The Muir group set off for Barmouth for a 'scramble' up the rocks and a walk though the hills with the leaders; Amy, Boo and the centre's safety lead; Andrew, alongside Miss Walk and Mrs Lamb.. 

The Scott group went to Cregennen Ridge, for a walk/scramble/climb amongst the spectacular scenery with the leaders; Owen and Mike, with Mr Corkery..

Both groups returned to the site for a reflection on the challenges that were faced and the physical, and at times mental and emotional journeys that we made. 

The Scott group had an opportunity to take on the 'Spider's Web'.to end their day session.

After dinner, the groups had evening sessions from 7.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Muir group were indoors for their activities; Communication games. Scott group took on a team challenge involving a golf ball, a jug and lengths of drainpipe. The group then went onto the 'Grot Pot'; which is as disgusting as it sounds. Fortunately, as the rain began to fall none of the children fell in.

After hot chocolate the children got ready for bed.



Monday 4th March.

We arrived safely at 3.00 p.m. We had an hour delay as the road into the Outward Bound Centre was blocked by a fallen tree.

The children have been put in two groups of twelve named 'Scott' led by Owen, and 'Muir' led by Amy and Boo, the groups are named after famous explorers. 

We had had some team building activities to get the groups working effectively and to stay warm. The weather at the moment is mixed; at times dry but at times wet and windy.

After dinner the groups had a session from 7.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. Both groups went to the stores to get equipment for the week including; waterproof tops and trousers, walking boots, head torches, helmets and rucksacks. 

Then the Muir group did Orienteering on the site. The Scott group were gorge walking which entailed lots of SAS training (Screamin' and Shoutin')! 

All children are fit and well at the end of Day 1.


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Ethan Ha(a couple of years ago)

I’m a bit late but still hope my guy Luca had a good time

The Balagans(a couple of years ago)

Hello Prabjot & everyone, love the photos you all are having so much fun! Looking forward to seeing you & hearing all about your adventure on Friday. Have a fantastic day tomorrow! Love you Prabjot from all the family xx Thank you teachers.

Yagou(a couple of years ago)

Hello Gabriel, It looks like you're having fun. I can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back Lots of love Aunty Yagou xx

Sepa(a couple of years ago)

Hi,year 6 have a safe trip back can't wait to see you Gabriel xx.

Yagou(a couple of years ago)

Hello Gabriel Looks like you're having fun. I can't wait to hear all about it. Lot's of love Aunty Yagou

Prabjot(a couple of years ago)

hope you are having a great time and we miss you, I need someone to play sims 4 with. love from Satsev xxxx

Hannah’s Mommy(a couple of years ago)

Happy Birthday to Mylee & Aleiba! Hope you have both had the most fabulous day celebrating your special day, surrounding by your friends. Bet it’s been the best sleepover ever!!! Enjoy the rest of your adventure Year 6. Hannah, I’ve figured out from the fab photos, you’re in the Scott Group & we have loved seeing the updates & what you’ve been upto. Can’t wait to here all about it on Friday. Just make sure u have lots of fun until then! Lots of BIG hugs & kisses, Mommy, Daddy, Callum & Kyle. We love you Hannah XxxX

Monique & Leon(a couple of years ago)

Hi D and year 6! Looks like your having a fantastic time. Miss you D xx

Debora(a couple of years ago)

Hebron hope you're having an AWESOME time and that God blesses you during your stay we all are missing you very much love from mum and family xxx

Aleiba(a couple of years ago)

Happy Birthday to you Love and best wishes from your family

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