Ullswater 2013


Another great day here at Ullswater!  The weather has been lovely, and we really have made the most of it!  Watkins group went on an exciting gorge walk, which needed us all to work together to get up some very scary waterfalls - we all made it in one piece, but we ended up with lots of water in our wellies!  We also did the leap of faith - even Miss Turner and Mr Oakley managed to make the trapeze this time, and Mrs Higgins touched the top of the pole (Mr Donaghy was supervising...he says!).  Hincks group also did the leap of faith, and then went on a canoe journey and made hot chocolate - Bear Grylls style!  Johnson group did a whole day of rock climbing at Headend Quarry - the children had a really good day, and the photos speak volumes about the children's nerve and determination!  After dinner we all gathered round a campfire to toast marshmallows and sing songs.  We ended by giving thanks to God for all of the people who have helped to make this week special and for all of the life-changing lessons that we have learned.  We have had an "epic" week, but are all looking forward to coming home to see our family and friends and tell them all about the adventures that we have had at Ullswater....Staff are looking forward to a hot bath, a glass of red and an early night!  


Today we have had a really wet day all round! However, the inclement weather did not stop our activities and we have had a lot of fun! Johnson group did the Leap of Faith - climbing to the top of a telegraph pole and jumping off for the trapeze. Later they went to Angle Tarn where they "Gorge Walked" up a raging torrent in the pouring rain! Watkins group went on their mountain walk and did a mountain MOBOT at the summit. Hincks group tunneled this morning and Gorge Walked at Cold Cove which was at one point the water was above knee deep! The centre staff have politely requested that parents do not use the public telephone as they are being taken away from their own tasks to answer this. We are aware that the phone is not allowing outgoing calls - but we can tell you that all children are having a super time! One day to go....!


Today we were woken up bright and early at 7am for a cooked breakfast, then we tidied our rooms and got our kit sorted for the adventures ahead!  Johnson group went canoeing followed by a mountain climb - we all made it to the top, and even had enough energy to canoe back to the centre afterwards!  Watkins group  did a much longer 3 mile canoe journey follwed by a waterfight - soggy socks and wellies full of water all round!  Hincks group were lucky enough to do rock climbing, followed by a ride on a steam boat AND a speed boat!  We are now all running around the grounds of the centre doing orienttering in the dark!  Later we are hoping to watch the football in the lounge (that is if we can stay awake long enough after our busy days!).  New adventures start tomorrow.....Let's hope it's sunny!


We have all arrived safely in Ullswater and are having a great time.  We have ALL faced our fears and run into the freezing cold lake....but come out shivering, with big smiles on our faces!  Some of us have also done team building activities, a blindfolded night-walk or tunneling.  We have all enjoyed some birthday cake and hot chocolate, and we are sure our parents will be glad to hear that we are now all safely tucked up in bed, and the only tears have been tears of laughter.  The phone isn't working all of the time so we might not be able to contact home, but the centre would be grateful if parents did not call unless there is an emergency.  The internet connection is poor - it has taken us nearly 2 hours to upload these photos.  We will try to upload more tomorrow, but please bear with us!  We can't wait to see what tomorrow brings...


Please feel free to leave a message for your child, and we will try to pass it on!

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Prem Plaha(a few years ago)

When I looked at these photos, I started to cry, oh how much I miss those times I really want to go again, we had a good laugh!!!!!!!!!!!

Chante Davis(a few years ago)

Would definitely go again it was extremely fun. Most of the pictures of me are of me smiling and fun

Prem Plaha(a few years ago)

That was the most fun moment of my life! Want to go again.

Gian(a few years ago)

A very very big thank you to all the school/Ullswater staff, for a fantastic week of fun that I will never forget. After going on residential I feel like I know my peers a whole lot better, I'm looking forward to the rest of the year!!! with lots to look forward to :)

Teachers(a few years ago)

We would like to say a very big thankyou for looking after our children during their residential and making the time very enjoyable for them. From Mr & Mrs Dhillon

Teachers(a few years ago)

Just some words of thanks to all the teachers for looking after our children for the whole week. You can hopefully get some well deserved rest over the half term. Thea has been delighting us with tales of all her adventures, and showed us some photos she had taken. Thea even cleaned her trainers and cleared the table after tea time. Wow what did you do to Our daughter?!-We like it!!! Xxx

Miss Turner(a few years ago)

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my original little cherubs who have made this week so much fun! It's been great seeing you all really push yourselves to try something new, and lots of the staff at the centre commented on how polite and lovely you all were! I am home now, already in my pjs, looking forward to my own bed, but almost think I might miss telling you off in your dorms for talking tonight! And I'm still singing 'Baby shark, duh diuh duh, duh duh duh....' (Well, that and 'What did the shark say?'). See you all on Tuesday!

Chante Davis(a few years ago)

Got one of those big hugs waiting for when you get back!! See you soon bubs!!!

thanh's parents(a few years ago)

Have a lovely time! Birmingham results are out. The score you achieved 272.Congratulation!xxx

Nyah Green(a few years ago)

Hey Nyah its me (natasha) hahaha you look fantastic and you look super amazing in your pictures I love YOU loads bubbu!!!! and see you tomorrow for a girlie catch up mwah xxxxx Hi Nyah, its mom here. Looking forward to seeing you tomo, Love You xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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