Year 6 Black Country Museum

The Mines

Me and my partner exhilarating day down at Black Country Museum. Our favourite part was going down to the Mines! In the Mines we saw lots of spooky human like manikins  all doing dangerous jobs. First of all we found out how you could got trapped in the mines and the and the lack of oxygen. We also realised how  many people could die on their first day. It was really realistic.

St James School

We liked this part because the teacher kept shouting at Amaron! Ha ha ha!

Written up by Amaran and Harpreet S



The Mines


The Mines was scary, but fun, the best part was when the earthquake happened I thought that I was going to get lost. My group weren’t scared at all expect for three people, I almost fell backwards and hit my head it was damp and wet. Some of it was really scary, I got scared sometimes that was in the mines.

Written up by Prem