On 18th December, Free Radio invited us to join them at the studio to record our Christmas Song. Click here for the photographs of this very special event! 

A clip showing the recording of the song at Holy Trinity can be viewed here.


On Saturday 7th December, children from Year 5 and 6, staff and parents headed for Brindley Place in Birmingham City Centre, for the finals of the Free Radio Christmas Stars Competition. There was nervous excitement as we waited for our turn to perform on the steps, in front of a very important judging panel.


We went to sing first. Edward began with a quote from Nelson Mandela, which gained applause from the watching crowd, and then we sang our version of the Adele song, "Child of God"; Ambrose read beautifully and clearly in the middle, and Chante stepped up to the front to solo at the end. Fabulous - one down!.


This was followed by our rousing "Baby Jesus" - our take on an Olly Murs song - complete with singing Kings (Jovan, Christopher, and Reuban) some beautiful angels, and Ryan the "rapping shepherd"!


The judges gave their verdict - praising our enthusiasm, commending our versions as being "a modern twist" and picking Ryan out for some well deserved, individual praise.


There was a nervous wait as we listened to the other two finalists (Hollywood and Guardian Angels) and then waited anxiously for the winner to be announced! There was visible elation as they crowned "St Teresa's" the 2013 Christmas Stars! We were presented with our trophy and certificate and then performed once more!

Free Radio presenters - Giuliano and Chiara joined us on the steps for a final photo call!

Well done to all of the children (including the rest of Year 5 and 6 who helped us to get this far). Thank you to the parents and staff who supported on the day. Finally a "big up" to everyone who voted to get us to the finals in the first place!


St Teresa's Catholic Primary School - Winners of Free Radio's Christmas Stars - 2013

Click here to see a video of one of our winning performances!