Happy 50th Birthday!

 Report by Mr Corkery

I hope that those of you who came to the celebrations last Saturday had an enjoyable afternoon. There was entertainment provided by children and the staff, there was also a buffet, fish and chips, an ice cream van, sporting activities and a bouncy castle. Some of the ph-tographs of the event are on the monitor unit that looks like a large mobile phone which is in the Infant playground. Thank you to the staff for their hard work getting ready and managing different parts of the event itself. Despite a technical hitch with the balloon release, where someone who shall remain nameless let go of the rope that he was told to hold onto, we have had cards returned from a considerable distance away.

On Monday morning in assembly Bethany, whose birthday it was on Saturday, drew the winning ticket for the raffle; the winner was Mrs A. Corkery– my mum!