Harvest Assembly 2014

To celebrate Harvest this year, we held a Harvest Assembly.  All of the classes took part to give thanks for the food that we have and think about people who are less fortunate than us.  Take a look below at what each class did!

Reception sang a lovely song about a combine harvester and a tractor and had some fabulous dance moves to go with it!

Year 2 did a fantastic song and dance to welcome us all to the Harvest festival.

Year 4 used some clever word-play to help us think about how we should behave at harvest-time.  Lettuce not forget others!  It's thyme to help!

Year 6 told us about school dinners from around the world, which helped us to all realise how lucky we are.

Year 1 did an acrostic poem about Harvest and told us about some of the food they like.

Year 3 recited a poem about Harvest and shared some bidding prayers.

Year 5 rearranged the letters in the word 'Harvest' to help us think about the meaning of the festival and about people who don't have enough food - eat, save, starve, share.