World Book Day

On Friday 8th March the school celebrated World Book Day!

We dressed up and were involved in lots of activities about books! We read stories, made bookmarks, took part in quizzes about books, the older children read to the younger children and we had a thoroughly great day!


We want to find out YOUR favurite books! Tell us which you like best and why!

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anna y6(a few years ago)

My favorite book is the egg and i

Rhea(a few years ago)

My favoruite book is Iggy and Me by Jenny Valentine, I like it because it is funny and makes you want to be a character in the book

Samuel Ajewole, Reception(a few years ago)

My favourite book is Charlie and Lola excuse me that's my book by Lauren Child because it's funny and a very good book for children round about my age.

Mr Donaghy(a few years ago)

I absolutely love reading and read every day but don't enjoy fiction. I tend to read inspirational or biographical books. My favourite book is usually the one that I am reading at that time. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a man whom I have a great deal of respect for and I am currently reading a book of his entitled "The World of Tibetan Buddhism" which I am finding a difficult but rewarding read. Recently I read a book about the Badwater Ultra Marathon in America which is a mere 135 mile run through Death Valley with a finish near to the top of a mountain (in 2008 runners had to contend with temperatures around 130F) - very inspirational!!

Prem Plaha(a few years ago)

My favourite book is Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan, I like it because it feels like your inside the book, plus its an adventure book, I love adventure books because they're exciting.

Avneet Bains(a few years ago)

My favourite book is Hindu Gods and Goddesses by Swami Harshananda because it is really interesting and you can learn something and it is religious. I spend all day finishing it off and I keep on reading it again and again I never get bored.

Miss Turner(a few years ago)

I love so many books, it is really difficult to choose! I love 'Holes' by Louis Sachar, as I think it's got such a clever plot, and I love how all of the different strands come together at the end. Anyone who loves this should also read 'Small Steps', by the same author, as it follows one of the other characters after he leaves Camp Green Lake. I'm with Mrs Higgins on 'The Hunger Games' too - once I started it, I couldn't put it down! I also love Phillip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, as the plot is amazing and the ending isn't at all what I'd expected. 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' are also a great set of books, as so many awful things happen to the children in it, that it becomes funny! And the narrator is a rather mysterious character too....

Mr. Higgins(a few years ago)

I like books with good illustrations. I'm a big fan of Bill Watteson's "Calvin & Hobbes" comic-strips - they're funny, beautifully drawn and often surprisingly profound. I know that anything illustrated by Sean Tan is going to be mysterious and beautiful. My earliest encounter with The Bros. Grimm - before I could read much - was an edition eerily illustrated by Mervyn Peake and in my teens I completely fell for Peake's "Titus Groan" and "Gormenghast" novels. Andy Stanton's Mr. Gum books take English by the scruff of its neck and give it a good shaking, and *thank you!* to my Monday Readers for introducing me at last to Horrid Henry; how could I have missed this big character?

Chante Davis(a few years ago)

My favourite book is 'Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz as it is extremely interesting and fun to read. In between the chapters you have to read between the lines, to find out who the bad guy is. Its got a lot of action scenes ,which i like! Hopefully after i finish reading the first one, i'll read the second one, then the movie and compare the movie and book together.

Simran year 6(a few years ago)

My personal favourite book is Dork Diaries because I love how the author makes the reader feel like they're in the story the story themselves.

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