Young Voices 2015

On Tuesday 14th January, the choir went with Mrs Higgins, Miss Turner and Mr Corkery to perform with over 5000 children from other schools at the 'Young Voices' concert in the NEC (now renamed 'Genting arena').  It was a very long day, as we were there from 2pm until 10pm, but we were all full of energy for the whole day - unlike Miss Turner!  Check out our pictures and videos below.  Don't forget to comment in our Guestbook to tell us what you particularly enjoyed!



What did you enjoy the most about our concert? Tell us below!

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Richard(a few years ago)

It was so fun,we all had an amazing time best day ever and there was over 5,000 children there

Year 4(a few years ago)

Year 4 thought that it was, in the words of Craig from Strictly Come Dancing, FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!

Elisha(a few years ago)

I enjoyed when urban stride came to dance they were really good and i loved Lucy Spragon she was really good even though she had a broken leg!