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The Parent Govorner elections were held during this week, and on 2nd October, the Year 6 councillors met to count the votes.

Democracy in action! Hustings for this year's School Council Leaders from Year 6!

Meet this year's School Councillors.....


Have you got a suggestion for the school council? Let us know below!

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Sienna(about a year ago)

I cant wait to get started

Mrs Higgins(about a year ago)

This is an excellent idea and we now have the badges on order. They should be ready for the first council meeting next week.

Miss Major(about a year ago)

It would be lovely if school councilors had badges to represent them that could be attached to their ties or cardigans. A great way of giving a sense of pride and importance.

Ree'als(a couple of years ago)

The suggestions we've been discussing are really good and we've been discussing things that will improve the school

Ree'als(a couple of years ago)

Some new bibles for all the class and to have a bit more to share between us all please

Simon(a couple of years ago)

We have been talking about lots of stuff to help the school

Miss Turner(a couple of years ago)

Remember school councillors, this week your task is to think about what it means to be a school councillor and what your roles will be. Also remind your classmates to get those suggestion boxes filled up!

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