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Aberdovey Residential Visit 2024

Monday 11th March.

The coach set off from school just before 9.50 a.m. and after an uneventful journey, with a stop in Welshpool for lunch and a toilet stop - Thank you to Tesco in Welshpool, we arrived at the Outward Bound Centre in Aberdovey at 1.50 p.m.

We were met by Craig, who worked with us last year. He is leading the 'Hameister' group this year. We also met Brooks who is working with the 'Ramsay' group. After a brief introduction the children were taken to the dining area to decide on their evening meal on Thursday (more about that later in the week) and for the catering staff to meet children with dietary needs and be clear on what the team had in place to meet those needs. 

The children then had to take their luggage to the 'Carol Nash' block, our home for the week. The boys are on the ground floor of the block in three rooms with four boys in each. The girls are on the first floor, also with four girls in each of the three rooms. The children had a little time to put their luggage into their rooms and start putting their sheets and duvet covers on their beds - not as straightforward as it sounds for some!

The groups were then taken to the cages and on a tour of the site. There was a little time to get sorted out prior to dinner at 5.30 p.m. The evening activities ran from 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. Both groups got ready to get a little bit wet and we set off with helmets and head torches for the Onsite Gorge. The photographs do not tell the whole story of the squeals and excitement, particularly when we had to turn the head torches off and let our eyes get used to the dark. Some of the group got wetter than others!

The groups have been developing their knowledge of P.I.E. - Physical, Instructional and Emotional Support.

The children returned to their rooms to dry off and put their wet clothing in the drying room. Then it was toast and a drink in the dining room at 8.30 p.m. prior to getting back to the block for showers and getting ready for bed.

12th March

Most of us got some sleep last night. We has a misty and damp morning and we are breakfast at 7.15 a.m. From then both groups had to organise their equipment for what proved to be a wet day in so many ways. The groups gathered their rucksack and waterproof liner bags and packed a change of clothes. Both groups were taken by minibus to 'The Wharf' in Aberdovey town. We were provided with wet suits, fleeces, blue 'waterproof tops, boyancy aids and neoprene socks. 

Ramsay group were then driven to Dolgoch Falls. The pictures will tell their story. The Hameister group got a little wet on the beach at Aberdovey before having their lunch in the Wharf and then being driven to a different part of Dolgoch Falls. Once again, the pictures speak for themselves.

The Ramsey group got back to the Wharf later in the afternoon and went into the estuary whilst the tide was high for a 'Jog and Dip' session. 

Both groups got back to the Outward Bounds Centre for dinner at 5.10 p.m. After this the groups had evening activities. This was largely organising the waterproof tops, trousers and walking boots for tomorrow's activities. The group then had time for challenges. Ramsay group were blindfolded and challenged with identifying shapes. The Hameister group were given a Skipping rope team challenge with co-operation and teamwork being developed.

The children then had a drink and toast at 8.30 p.m. before what is hoped to be a good night's sleep for all!

13th March 

This morning was overcast and the forecast for rain throughout the day was correct. Both groups kitted up for a day in Dolgoch, an area of natural beauty including waterfalls which has now grown to hide what was previously a mine.

The children toured the site and separately both groups were shelter building in the rain after which the test for the children was to try an remain dry in their shelters whilst they ate their lunch. 

Ramsay group returned to the Outward Bound Centre and took on the Challenge Wall. The Hameister group continued their tour of Dolgoch before returning to the Outward Bound Centre for a team building game of 'Counting to 30' - not as straightforward as it sounds.

For the evening activities the Ramsay group took on the on-site Orienteering course whilst the Hameister went up to the Nightline (apologies for the quality of the photographs for this activity, but it was done in complete darkness.

14th March

This morning was another wet start to the day. The two groups were doing the same activity but starting at different times. We had a lot of equipment to sort out for the whole day away from the Outward Bounds site. The rucksacks included our lunch we also had to pack our ration packs for our evening meal, a change of clothes and items of safety equipment. We went out wearing our walking boots and waterproofs and were driven to Pant Hendre. The groups were challenged to decide thier routes and both groups took on the more physically challenging route up through the forest onto the ridge were they were more exposed to the rain and wind. Both groups then took on the challenge of '666', so called locally because the peak is 666 metres above sea level.

The groups then walked to Hafotty log cabin where they met up and shared their adventures and together celebrated Kimran's birthday. Ramsay group then set off for home (by minibus) followed and hour later by Hameister group. Both groups had been out for nine hours!

We then gathered for birthday cake and an opportunity to properly celebrate Kimran's birthday.

15th March

Our final day.....

After breakfast, the packing and cleaning of the rooms was completed followed by room checks. When the rooms were cleared most of the equipment was cleaned, checked and returned to the cages. We kept our waterproofs due to the weather forecast and were taken to The Wharf. We went into the ice cream shop and made our choices.

The two groups then spent time together reflecting on their experiences of the week. On our return to the Outward Bound Centre we loaded up the coach and set off for home at 1.35 p.m. We stopped briefly in Welshpool and got back to school at 5.45 p.m. Thank you to all who made this week such a memorable experience.

What next.......

The challenge now is to take the experiences of this week and apply them in our lives. To know what we are capable of and to believe in ourselves. 

To help us we learnt about:

  • P.I.E. - Physical support, Instructional support and Emotional support.
  • 'Be more Bob!'
  • SNOT - Self, Neighbour, Other, Teacher.

When the river was deep I didn't falter

When the mountain was high I still believed

When the valley was low it didn't stop me!


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Eesa Kalsheker(a couple of months ago)

I have had an amazing time in Aberdovey ! Thank you Miss Walk, Mr Corkery and Miss Murdock for taking time out of your busy lives and supporting us to create memories that we won’t forget. Thank you

From a year 5 student(a couple of months ago)

I missed you all

Amanvir(a couple of months ago)

Residential was really fun

Mia Gillam (after)(a couple of months ago)

Hi everyone! Looked through all the pictures and comments and just wanted to say thanks! I had the best week ever and wanted to give and extra thanks to all the teachers who came to Wales and looked after us!!!!!!!! - Mia xxx

Kimran’s Family(a couple of months ago)

Thank you Mr Corkery, Miss Walk, Mrs Murdock!!! Thank you for taking time away from your family and loved ones to look after our loved ones! They had an amazing trip… coming back inspired and excited (albeit a-little tired)! Thank to all the staff at St Teresa’s school for looking after all child during this residential trip. But particularly looking after the current Year 6 children during their 7 year journey at St Teresa’s school right from Reception to Year 6! It’s been a wonderful, loved, caring, nurturing journey and is very much appreciated! All the staff at school will always have our gratitude! XxX

Eesas family(a couple of months ago)

Have a safe journey back all!! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure Eesa! Thank you to Mr Corkery, miss Walk and Mrs Murdock for making the trip possible .

Mia's Dad(a couple of months ago)

Looks like everyone has had such an amazing time. Can't wait to catch-up later and hear all the stories. Hope you have safe journey home.

Tannia's family(a couple of months ago)

Hi Tannia.. hope you all had an amazing time at the residential and created lovely memories!! We cannot wait to see you this evening ❤️ and a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE STAFF.. Have safe journey back home xxx

Isharma,'s family(a couple of months ago)

Everyone looks like you are having fun. Looking forward to seeing you today isharma safe journey home guys. Xx

Andrea's family(a couple of months ago)

Hie everyone. Hello Andrea, we have been following your journey ,the pictures look amazing. Have a safe journey back. Thank you so much to the teachers and staff for all your hard work. So Much appreciated.

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