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Through the teaching of Science at St Teresa’s, we aim to stimulate a child’s curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do. We teach methods of enquiry and investigation to stimulate creative thought. Children learn to ask scientific questions and begin to appreciate the way science will affect their future on a personal, national, and global level.


Science Curriculum at St Teresa’s



* Important Information about the Science Curriculum

* Please note that as of September 2014, a new curriculum is being implemented, which will have an impact on which objectives are taught when. To see the new National Curriculum, including Science, click on the link here.

 The new curriculum has given us the freedom to move objectives around and teach them in different blocks or year groups in order to suit our children and make interesting topics.  Click here to see which objectives are taught in which year groups at our school.  

 How Science is taught


At St Teresa’s, we believe that Science should excite pupils’ curiosity about the world around them. We provide opportunities for children to learn and experience science in a way that develops children’s logical and analytical thinking, while at the same time stretching their imagination and, of course, having fun at the same time!

We teach Science through:

 - Planning investigations.

- Carrying out experiments including whole class teacher-led demonstrations and experiments carried out in small groups/pairs.

- making and justifying predictions.

- understanding and using scientific language.

- recording observations and results and findings in a variety of ways (pictures, diagrams, words, charts, graphs).

- interpreting and analysing results

- asking and answering scientific questions.

- extended writing opportunities.

- problem solving opportunities

- role play and drama.

- Use of ICT

- exploring the outdoor environment

- Use of video clips and images.



Click here to see Year 5 learning about the circulatory system through role-play. 

Click here to see Year 6 learning about forces through making parachutes.

Click here to see Year 2 learning about Electricity through practical activities.


Science Enrichment at St Teresa’s


At school, we aim to enrich the Science curriculum in a range of ways. 


Science visitors


Over the past year at St Teresa’s we have had a number of visitors who have come in to inspire us to want to learn more about Science:


The Animal Man brought in lots of animals for us to learn about, from tarantulas to tree bears! We learnt all about the special features of the animals and how they have adapted to suit their environments. We even got to touch and hold some of them!


Mr Van Zeller visited us with his ‘Science in a Suitcase’. The contents of the suitcase filled our entire hall with lots of clever Science tricks and experiments for us to investigate and play with. It really inspired us to think in a different way about Science!



Ms McMillan from King Edward’s School visited our school and lead a fantastic assembly full of scientific whizzes and bangs! It included combining chemicals to make ‘elephant’s toothpaste’ and setting fire to a giant helium balloon! She really proved that Science can be exciting (and messy!)


We have also had a visit from the Life Education Caravan. In the caravan, we are taken on a magical journey to learn all about keeping healthy and making the right decisions in life. And we got to meet Gerrard the Giraffe!



 Mad Science After School Club


Every week, a group of KS1 children take part in Mad Science club, lead by a Mad Scientist.



Science Visits


Last year, Year 5 visited the Think Tank at Millennium Point. They had fun exploring all of the exhibits in the museum, as well as going into a science lab to make their very own slime! The trip ended with a visit to the planetarium, where they learnt all about the different constellations. Click here to find out more about the trip!






To find out more about Science at St Teresa’s, click here to see our Science policy.




Useful links



Visit these brilliant sites for ideas on some super Science experiments that you can try at home!


 For some fun, online games to help you learn about Science, visit the websites below.














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