St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Catholic Life 2021-2022


With the teacher, Year 1 planned and led a class Harvest Liturgy 14.10.21


The children sat on the carpet with their prayers. They placed a basket in the middle of the circle.  Music played as the children came to sit down.



Each child read their prayer.  They thanked God for so many this: food, famers and water.



Father read the Creation story.  We talked about why we should not waste water.


Go Forth

The children drew pictures about ways to look after water.  


Year 4 led the Harvest Mass 14.10.21

Year 3 led a decade of the Rosary 11.10.21


Can you see what they have gathered?  Why do you think they selected blue material? 


The school listened to a story from the Bible.


The children responded in prayer.

Go forth

   Can you think of reasons why Mary would be so pleased with you today?

Year 5 and 6 Confirmation retreat at St.Mary's Convent 

05.10.21 Year 5

06.10.21 Year 6

October the Month of the Rosary

Year 2 children changed the entrance Altar.  They  planned a decade of the Rosary.  They planned what we would need for 'Gather'.  Look at what they selected. Then they led a decade of the Rosary to the whole school.

I selected blue cloth.  Mary wears blue.

We chose this statue of Mary.

We chose these Rosary beads.  They are really big.  Everyone will be able to see them.

October Altar

Holy Rosary

By Year 2

01.10.21 Eloquent and Truthful Award

01.10.21 Feast Day of St.Teresa

Years 5 and 6 went to Mass at St.Teresa's Church.


All children and staff were able to wear their own clothes. We had a great day celebrating.

School Motto


Each class started the school year off by reflecting on the school Mission Statement and Motto.


Do you know the Motto?


What does it mean to you?


How will you live out the Mission/Motto?



" I know the school motto. Little flowers growing and giving glory to God."

Excellent work.  This child received a Certificate for her knowledge about the school Motto.

Vocations Afternoon 15.09.21

Deacon Owen and Sisters Minor of Saint Francis visited all the classes.  They spoke about their vocation and answered lots of questions the children had prepared.

Do you think Jesus calls you?


Raising awareness of homelessness

The Junior classes had an opportunity to sleep over night at school, to raise awareness of homelessness.  More to come on this.

Fund Raising for Macmillian

We raised money for Macmillian by wearing green to school.  

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