Year 3 Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist

Children in Year 3 who have been baptised Catholic are prepared to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist.  Preparation is seen as the  joint responsibility of parents, all members of staff, Father David (our Parish Priest), the Year 3 teaching team and the RE Leader.

The programme begins in the Spring Term when the children participate in an Enrolment Mass at St.Teresa's Church. This enables our children and their families to make a clear symbol of commitment and dedication to the programme.

Father David arranges meetings after school (approximately one a month), which parents/carers are expected to attend.  Once Father David has confirmed the dates for Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist, they will be shared with you.

The children take part in RE lessons focusing on both sacraments and also preparation Masses leading up to receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. As well as RE lessons and preparation Masses, the children attend a retreat afternoon at St.Mary’s convent on 5th March 2020.


We welcome parental support in preparing for the Holy Communion Mass.  Some families ask to read, others ask to get involved with flower arranging etc.

On the day of First Holy Communion we ask that families arrive thirty minutes before the service so that their child can settle peacefully into the Church.  After the Mass the children come together for the Holy Communion Breakfast.  This is a very special time for the children to come together.  We ask that families ensure that their child can attend this.


We then ask the children to lead the first Mass in school.  We ask that the children come to school wearing their dresses/suits which they wore for their First Holy Communion.  All parents are invited to this Mass.  At the end Father David will present the children with certificates.


Confirmation 2020 for children Years 5 and 6 

The Sacrament of Confirmation in celebrated on a two year cycle at St.Teresa's school.  

In 2020,  children in Years 6 and 6 will be prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

A meeting will be  held in January 2020 for  parents and carers with the Headteacher, Father David, the Year 5 and 6 teachers and the RE Leader.   Parents and carers are given the opportunity to find out more about the sacrament itself and then to discuss the programme which their children will follow.


Children and parents are asked to attend an Enrolment Mass at St.Teresa's Church in January. This enables our children and their families to make a clear symbol of commitment and dedication to the programme. 


The children are prepared following the Curriculum Strategy used in the Archdiocese of Birmingham. As part of their work, children prepare work on the saint of their choice. They are encouraged to select the name of a saint who has inspired them in some way. A sponsor is also chosen and has the role of supporting the child in their spiritual life.

Children will attend a retreat afternoon at St. Mary’s convent on 7th May 2020.

 Once Father David has confirmed dates and times, they will then be shared with parents.