St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Our School Uniform

School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school and setting an appropriate tone. The DfE strongly encourages schools to have a uniform as it can instil pride; support positive behaviour and discipline; encourage identity with, and support for, school ethos; ensure pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome; protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and nurture cohesion and promote good relations between different groups of pupils. Above all, the Governing Body of St Teresa’s believe that school uniform supports effective teaching and learning.


We are very proud of our smart school uniform. A number of visitors to the school, and adults outside of school when classes have been on visits, have commented positively on the children’s smartness in their uniform 


Yellow blouse / shirt

Brown skirt or pinafore dress

Dark grey trousers

Brown jumper or cardigan

White /grey socks or brown tights in winter

Summer dresses in yellow gingham are available from local shops

School ties are available for both girls and boys from local stockists.

Children may wear a yellow polo shirt without a tie.


PE Kit

All children need pumps, a pair of shorts and a tee shirt for P.E. and Games and a clearly labelled P.E. bag (available from school) to keep these in.

All items of clothing and footwear must be clearly labelled with your child's name.

Important Information about uniform


All students to wear sensible school shoes. Trainers or pumps have their place in school but not as part of the uniform. All children are to wear sensible school shoes. Boots do not constitute appropriate footwear. However, wellingtons or similar may be worn if necessary due to weather conditions and change into shoes on arrival at school.

For girls slingbacks, open toed sandals, backless shoes or high heels are not appropriate due to safety.

Girls may choose to wear trousers or a skirt/dress or pinafore. The trousers if chosen are not to be tight fitting or leggings. Skirts or dresses are to be at least knee length.



Tramlines, Mohican styles and other shaven patterns in hair styles or eyebrows are not acceptable in school.



Jewellery and Make up

Girls are allowed a pair of stud earrings (no hoops or other styles) to be worn in the lower earlobe only. Other piercings higher up in the ear are not allowed. Facial piercings are not acceptable. Boys are not to wear studs or earrings. Pupils may not have facial piercings or ear piercings covered with a plaster.

No make-up, nail varnish, gloss or nail extensions are to be worn

The Governing Body has a duty, by statue, to conduct the school in a way to ensure that school policies promote good behaviour and discipline amongst the pupil body. It is felt that the wearing of a school uniform is supportive in carrying out this duty and therefore the wearing of appropriate school uniform is considered as compulsory for all pupils.


Should you, or your child, choose not to follow the information given above the school reserves the right to take sanctions up to and including the child to be removed from school until the expectations regarding uniform are met.

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