St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

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Spellings for 23/6: chase, flame, drake, arrive, glide, throne and stone.

We made cupcakes and had fish and chips for the coronation of King Charles III.

In art, we made a rocket for our assembly on Neil Armstrong.

In maths, we are learning how to share equally.

We had fun planting seeds in science.

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Spellings for 28th April: very, party, family, funny, happy, friend and door.

Spellings for 31/03: Easter, chocolate, melted, added, cross, died, Jesus

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Spelling for 17/3: who, when, where, white, whale, why and what.

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We have been learning about intrepid explorers. We learnt about Christopher Columbus, Ibn Battuta and Neil Armstrong. We enjoyed making rockets in DT.

We have been learning about Jesus feeding the five thousand. We had fun making bread.

We have been learning about the parable of the lost sheep.

We have been learning about the birth of Jesus and the visit of the Wise Men. We made little puppets of the Wise Men in RE.

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We are learning about the five senses. Can you smell what is in the pot?

We had fun making tiffin.

We are learning about the Nutcracker.

We are learning about missing numbers in addition. if teddy is on number 2, How many more jumps to get to number 8?

We are learning about the UK. We had fun making flapjacks.

We role-played a baptism.

We enjoyed the ballet workshop with Birmingham Royal Ballet.

The sisters visited us today.

We drew what we are thankful for. Our core values this half-term are 'Faith-filled and hopeful’

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Transition activities: We had a fun afternoon making objects with salt dough.

Welcome to Year 1 from Miss Goupilliere, Mrs Kaza and Mrs Patel.

We are comparing numbers.

We have been learning about ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd .....)

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