St Teresa's Catholic Primary School


We live in a digital age. Never before has technology been so involved in every aspect of our lives, from how we do our jobs to how we spend our free time. Technology really is everywhere.

Because of this, at St Teresa's, we believe it is of vital importance to equip our children with the skill sets required to interact with technology.


The children will learn a wide range of new skills in the following areas:

Computer Science (programming)

Information Technology (Creating digital content and computer skills)

Digital Literacy (E-safety and understanding computer systems).

Ultimately, our aim is to inspire the next generation of computer programmers, engineers and designers.


We take the safety of our children very seriously at St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, and this includes ensuring that they are safe when using ICT. 

We are able to monitor our computer network to see what our users are doing.  A clever piece of software runs silently on our computers and monitors what people are doing.  It sends reports to a database that we can then view - and then we can intervene if we think any of our users are not using our computer system appropriately. 

This software runs alongside our curriculum lessons where we teach our children about internet safety.  We understand that at school, our filtering systems and monitoring software work hard to protect our children - but we also understand the importance of educating them about how to react to the 'dangers' of the internet  when they are away from our controlled network (at home, at a friends etc) and what they can do if they feel at risk.  

As technology and the internet are almost constantly evolving, we will do our best to ensure that children at St Teresa’s are always aware of how they themselves can do the most possible to protect themselves when using the internet.


There are a number of other sites that can be used to educate your children in Computing from home.  Written below are a select few with information on what to expect from them.


  Lightbot is a video game where the player is given a small number of tools that they must use to make their character light up the correct blocks.  The game introduces children to simple and complex problem solving as well as some programming-specific tools such as loops and procedures
  Scratch is another free program made by MIT.  Scratch is a basic visual programming piece of software designed to help introduce children to programming.

  Code is a website dedicated to providing a place to learn all about computing.  On the Code at Home section of the website, you will find a variety of tasks, educational videos and other resources to help your child continue to learn at home.


 Kodu Game Lab is a free program made by Microsoft that enables children to create simple video games by using a visual programming language.  There are many guides available on the web and many tools and graphical elements are built into Kodu for children to use.


Turtle Academy is a website that teaches children to draw simple shapes using programming functions such as loops and procedures.  It starts off simple, explaining every step of the way and provides hints and solutions should your child get stuck


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