St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

2022 - 2023

A big welcome to you from Miss Gold & Miss Bryan!

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Please take a look at our photos below from the Black Country Living Museum! Year 5 enjoyed exploring this fabulous place to discover more about our local West Midlands history.. Well done to all the pupils for being so curious and for their  excellent behaviour - the staff at the museum said you were a credit to St Teresa’s! A big thank you to all the staff involved also.


Year 5 had a very exciting day out to Safeside! The centre provides experiential safety learning for children through the use of it's full-size indoor safety village. The children took part in several safety scenarios within a bank, house, road, shop, a bus and a train. It enabled the children to learn about real life dangers and the steps needed to prevent / avoid /  control dangerous situations. Well done to all of Year 5 on such an interesting and informative day and a big thank you to all the staff involved! 


Today, the children enjoyed a special lunch to mark the occasion of the King's Coronation. Fish and chips were enjoyed by all, outside, in the lovely, sunny weather!


A HUGE well done to Year 5 for their fantastic performance in their class assembly today! The children worked hard to deliver a key message about equality, solidarity and the common good; and no better way to do it than through the message of the Suffragist Movement. All of the pupils worked hard to learn their lines and spoke with confidence. Well done Year 5 and thank you for your hard work. 


St John Wall Retreat Day Tuesday 25th April 2023

Year 5 enjoyed a vist to St John Wall secondary school to experience a 'Retreat' day. This was a way for us to spend time together within the chapel of the St John Wall and feel closer to God. The children took part in various activities, including singing, dancing and prayerful discussion. The children hope to use the retreat experience as a guide for when they plan their own retreat day for all the pupils of St Teresa's later in the Summer term.  Well done Year 5 for being Curious & Active throughout the day! Please click on the photos below to enlarge them:-

We have enjoyed exploring 3D shapes and their nets in Maths over the past week.  The net of a 3D shape is what it looks like if it is opened out flat. A net can be folded up to make a 3D shape and there may be several possible nets for one 3D shape. Have a look at the video below:-

Please see below the spelling words for the first half of the Sumer term. Thank you.


Thursday 6th April 2023

 Year 5 have enjoyed making their Viking brooches out of clay this week. Today, the children painted them, using muted colours similar to actual Viking brooches from the past. Have a look at their designs below - well done to all of Year 5 with their fabulous creations! 

Science Forces:-

Friction is a force that slows objects down and it can occur when an object moves through water or air.

Air resistance is a type of friction between air and another material.

Objects with a large surface area create more air resistance so they move more slowly though air. That is why sky divers use parachutes.

It's the same for an object moving through water. If you go swimming, there is friction between your skin and the water. This is known as water resistance.

Parachutes have a large surface area so they create a lot of air resistance. This helps to slow people down as they fall to the earth.

Geography - Scandinavia case study 

 We have had some very enjoyable Geography lessons this term! Year 5 have been using their locational and place knowledge skills to identify countries and capital cities of Europe. We have then had a closer look at the the three countries that make up Scandinavia - Norway, Sweden and Denmark. These fascinating countries have some very interesting physical features. Norway and Sweden have many fjords, mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers whereas Denmark is quite flat in comparison - perfect for farming and agriculture. The photos below show Year 5 looking through some aerial photographs of these places and discussing how the land might be used in each region. Please also watch the video below to see some of Norway’s beautiful physical features! 

The children in Year 5 got to role-play The Sacrament of Reconciliation last week, switching roles between the priest and the penitent. We learnt the importance of confessing our sins and taking responsibility for our behaviour and actions. We learnt about examination of conscience, which  is a prayerful reflection on our actions in light of our faith in order to identify sins, patterns of sin, or ways that we are falling short of who God is calling us to be. Once we recognise our sins, we can ask God for forgiveness and healing. Well done to Year 5 for meeting the objectives of this lesson. Please see pictures below:-

Maths - Area
 Year 5 have been studying the measurement of area over the past week. Below is a video to help revise skills on this subject:-

World Book Day 2nd March 2023

Today, we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as some of our favourite book characters! Check out our photos below

Thursday 2nd March 2023 - HSBC Financial Education Workshop

A big thank you to Manjit from HSBC who came to talk to the children today about online game safety, understanding in-game spending and identity fraud. The session gave overall guidance to help develop knowledge, skills and attitudes for a successful financial future. Year 5 were thoroughly engaged with group discussions and thought provoking questions! 

Please see below the spelling words for the second half of the Spring term. Thank you. 

Viking Brooches
Well done to Year 5 on the first stage of implementing their Viking Brooch designs! Check out their eye-catching craft work below. We are looking forward to studying more Viking art and creating a second brooch from clay in Spring 2. 

Play Leader Refresher Training.
On Tuesday morning, 31st January, our Play leaders were at Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre for refresher training. Chizi, Dawid, Fariha, Isharma, Joshua, Kimran, Liz, Mason, Noor, Pavneet, Tannia and Tyler took part in the training and were a credit to the school. A big thank you to Mrs Keogh for taking the children to this event and supporting the Play leaders with their ongoing duties. 

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Who were the Vikings? Where did they come from? What did they look like? 
These are just some of the many questions that Year 5 have been seeking the answers to in our exciting history topic on the Vikings! The pupils have been using their historical enquiry skills by investigating sources of evidence to piece together clues about the past. We have learnt that the Vikings were Norse people who came from an area called Scandinavia. You might know it better as Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The word Viking means 'a pirate raid', which is a fitting name as they were fearsome warriors and often raided monasteries for treasure.

What is dissolving? 

Year 5 have been enjoying their Science lessons with Mrs Lal, using their investigative skills to find out about materials and their properties. Some substances dissolve when mixed with water and will seem as if they have disappeared. However, they are still there, but the particles are so small you can no longer see them. This is because the solute breaks up from a larger crystal of molecules into much smaller groups or individual molecules. The substance mixes with water to make a transparent liquid called a solution. 

Welcome back after the Christmas break! Please see below the Year 5 Spring overview, RE objectives

and the Spellings (Spring 1) for this term. Please note that we will be swimming for P.E on Fridays

and children are to wear their school uniform on this day - not forgetting to bring their swimming kits.

Thank you,

Miss Gold.


Sisters Minor of Saint Francis Visit

On Thursday 20th and Friday 21st October, the Sisters Minor of St Francis came to visit St Teresa’s. An engaging morning session was experienced with singing and questioning - pupils could ask the Sisters questions about their vocation to become a Sister and their Catholic faith. A second session with the Sisters enabled the children to do some craft work, making individual Rosary Beads. We then shared and said a decade of The Rosary together. A big thank you to the Sisters Minor of St Francis for their visit. 

Visit to the Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple - 18th October 2022

On Tuesday 18th October, Year 5 went on an informative trip to the Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple. Located in Tividale, the temple is one of the largest functioning Hindu temples in Europe. It is dedicated, in the Vaishnava tradition, to a form of the Hindu god Vishnu. Year 5 enjoyed a tour around the different areas of the temple whilst observing the many colourful and ornate statues. Well done to all of the children for their fantastic behavior, maturity and respect throughout the morning! Please have a look at our photos form the trip below. Click each image to enlarge them!


Year 5, the videos below will support your knowledge and understanding of multiplication and division by 10, 100 & 1000. Please take the time to watch them. Thank you. 


As part of their Woodlands and Forests unit, Year 5 have been working hard in Geography to understand the conditions needed for the types of trees and plants which grow in the UK. This is all linked to biomes. Biomes are areas of the planet with similar climateslandscapesanimals and plants. What lives in each biome depends on:

  • how warm or cold it is
  • how dry or wet it is
  • how fertile the soil is

The animals in a biome depend on plants for food. The plants in a biome can also depend on the animals to spread pollen and seeds so new plants can grow. So both plants and animals rely on each other to stay alive. Have a look at the map below. What is the name of the biome for where we live?



Black History Month has been marked in the UK for more than 30 years and takes place during the month of October.  It is held to highlight and celebrate the achievements and contributions of the black community in the UK. This week, Year 5 have explored a range of influential black men and women from the UK and around the world in their literacy lessons, as part of their biography writing unit. Read below to find out about these fascinating individuals and click here for the Newsround Black History information pages. 

Kingswood  Residential Photos:-

Thank you for attending the parent briefing on Thursday 15th September.

The slides from the presentation and the Autumn Term overview are shared below.

Thank you.   

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