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Aberdovey 2023

From Monday 13th to Friday 17th March, twenty-four Year 6 children will be at Outward Bounds in Aberdovey. 

Monday 13th March

We left school at 9.45 a.m. and after a stop in Welshpool for lunch, arrived at the Outward bound Centre in Aberdovey at 1.30 p.m. We were greeted by our course leaders; Steph, who is leading the Caffari group and Craig, leading the Dufton group. 

The group names are inspired by the adventurers Dee Caffari, the first woman to sail single-handedly and non-stop around the world in both directions, and Jesse Dufton, a blind elite climber. 

After introductions, a tour of the site and settling into our rooms, both groups got kitted out to get wet. The groups took on the on-site gorge walk and rose to the challenge brilliantly. We got back to the centre for our allocated dinner time at 5.10 p.m. After dinner, the groups had to get bedding organised - sheets, duvets and pillow cases, if they hadn't got to it earlier and then met up with Steph and Craig for a time to get equipment including waterproof tops, trousers and walking boots. The children also organised their equipment for the week from their allocated cage and each group appointed their 'keymaster'.

At 8.30 p.m. the children had hot chocolate before returning to their accommodation block; the Carol Nash block, to get ready for bed. Optimistically, lights were out at 9.30 p.m. but at the time of writing this, a number of children are still awake having not heeded the leaders' advice to get a good night's sleep before a busy day tomorrow!

The weather forecast is very changeable so we await our activities for tomorrow.


Tuesday 14th March

Caffari group

Dufton group

Today, both groups were at breakfast for 7.10 a.m. The weather forecast was much more promising today and that turned out to be the case with a dry and relatively warm day.

Caffari group left after breakfast to catch a train to Barmouth and from there walked up on to the hillside behind Barmouth. The Dufton group were taken by minibus to Barmouth and also walked up onto the hillside. The two groups passed each other before taking on their challenges. The groups had to scramble to a point where ropes and equipment were set up for an abseiling session.

The photographs share they challenges that the children faced before starting the journey back to the centre. The Caffari group walked back to the minibus and the Dufton group just got to Barmouth station on time to catch the train. The Dufton group got off at Aberdovey station, walked along the beach and bought ice-creams in the village. 

In the evening both groups were on site. The Dufton group took on the Nightline, in recognition of the challenges faced by Jesse Dufton. The Caffari group had team building challenges which involved getting wet! 

Wednesday 15th March

Set 1 of 4

Set 2 of 4

Set 3 of 4

Set 4 of 4

Today was a rainy day but it didn't dampen our spirits. After breakfast the Caffari group stayed on the Outward Bound site to take on 'Jacob's Ladder'. This is a series of suspended horizontal wooden poles which the children aimed to climb up whilst their team mates kept them safe with a series of harnesses, ropes, pulleys and carabinas. 

The Dufton group left the site by minibus to go to Dolgoch Falls; a long since abandoned slate mine set in a valley which has now been reclaimed by nature. The group investigated the site, made a wish, played 'Sniper', tasted some vegetation (once checked by Craig), skimmed stones and learnt some of the history of the area. The twisty steep sides of the valley and the beautiful scenery were a challenge and an inspiration to us.

After lunch the groups swapped venues and activities. The Caffari group also made their own shelters. 

After dinner and some free time, the groups took on the Orienteering course on the Outward Bound site hampered by both the darkness and the rain. After hot chocolate at 8.30 p.m. and returning equipment to the cages the children began to settle down for the night in the knowledge that tomorrow will be a challenging day as implied by earlier in the week the children having to choose their 'survival rations' for tomorrow's activities! 

Thursday 16th March

Set 1 of 4

Set 2 of 4

Set 3 of 4

Set 4 of 4

Our last full day in Aberdovey was a busy one. Both groups packed clothes that they didn't mind getting wet for boat jumping and other water activities at the beach. It was difficult to identify which child was which with all wearing almost identical safety equipment.

Once the children were dry and warm it was back to the Outward Bounds Centre to gather the clothing and equipment needed for a hike and games in the mountains for the afternoon and early evening, once again in the rain.

Each group reached an isolated cabin in the forest where they had meals and the opportunity to reflect on the highs and successes of the week. 

It was late when we returned to the Centre and sorted out as much of the equipment as we could so that we can make the most of the time we have in the morning.

Friday 17th March

We awoke to a warm and dry morning. After breakfast, the children returned to their rooms to finish packing and tidy up. The packed cases were moved out of the block we were in, the Carole Nash block. The children then had the opportunity to go the the on-site shop and from there by minibus to the beach for some activities, games and a picnic. The Caffari group even managed to get to a shop for ice lollies. We returned to the Outward Bounds Centre at 12.30 p.m. and after loading up the coach we left Aberdovey at 1.10 p.m. 

We arrived safely back at school at 4.30 p.m. Thank you to the children, Miss Walk, Mrs Murdock, Craig and Steph for such a memorable week for all involved.


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Bhogal Family(about a year ago)

Thank you to all the teachers and staff at the Outward Bound Trust for taking such good care of all the children. Thank you for giving the children such an amazing experience which they will cherish forever. Amrit has had an amazing time and created allot of memories. She’s enjoyed all the challenges and activities. We are all very proud of you Amrit xx

Anonymous(about a year ago)

It was an amazing experience for all of us . Such a memorable time together for each and one of us .xxxx saron

Amelia's Mum & Dad(about a year ago)

Lovely photos captured on the last morning. Looked really fun ! Thank you to all the teacher's who took real good care of the children. All of us appreciated it so much. Well Done to Year 6 for your all your hard effort & for taking part in the activities & being out of your comfort zone. You All should be so proud of yourselves. Hope you All have special memories to cherish. And hope it's given you All the confidence to try new experiences in your lives going forward and to not be afraid to challenge yourselves and try your best.

Vivian(about a year ago)

I'm happy to see that Mila had so much fun! I want to congratulate everyone in year 6 for going on this great adventure. I can't wait for all the stories to be told. Thank you to the staff for looking after the class.

Ngyven. Mila Ava(about a year ago)

Love u xxxxxxxxc

Anonymous(about a year ago)

This was so fun

maya(about a year ago)

I had such a fun time . Personally ,my fav activity was jumping off the boat because I love the ocean. Had a blast . xx maya

Kenyah(about a year ago)

Hi, that looks so cool so how was your day and you’re gonna be so tired so have fun coming back and have some rest

Hardip Malhi(about a year ago)

Thank you so much for posting all these pictures so we can keep track of all the fun. It's so lovely to see how happy all the children look. They are all having their time of their lives. Well done for jumping into that cold water. Maya we love you and miss you. Even Diya admits she is missing you now ❤️❤️

Amelia's Mum & Dad(about a year ago)

Year 6, you should be so proud of yourselves. You've exceeded your expectations and pushed yourselves. The photo's tell it All! Well Done to All of you. It can't have been easy in the wet & cold weather but you did it! Be proud of your achievements! Enjoy your activities tomorrow & hope you have a safe journey back home. Amelia, we can't wait to see you. Safe journey everyone.

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