School Dinners

Children in the Infant classes do not pay for school dinners.

Children in the Junior classes who are to pay for their school dinners are to pay £2.30 for each day.

This is payable at the start of each week or can be paid for in half-term blocks. 

We actively promote a healthy lifestyle across the school by modelling good practise and by having high expectations. These expectations are also mirrored in the quality of food and drink we encourage in school.

School meals are provided by Cityserve. For the current cost of school meals, please speak to the school office. Our school menus are designed to offer choice, great value for money and the knowledge that our menus meet the legislative standards for school food.The three weekly menu cycle offers a variety of dishes each day for your child to choose from. The menus include many favourites including roasts, curries, pasta, pizza, fruit smoothies and traditional puddings.

The kitchen staff select a menu to suit the needs of our pupils; this includes meeting cultural, religious and vegetarian requirements. We can also provide special (medical) diets, but this should be discussed individually with the office.

During the year there are planned theme days where the lunch is linked to curricular activity, celebrates a current event or just adds fun to the lunchtime.

Menus rotate on a four-week cycle, and can be read below.

Any queries regarding school dinners should be directed to the school office.

Helen is our school cook. She is supported by other friendly staff.
Helen is our school cook. She is supported by other friendly staff.


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