St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

2022- 2023

Caritas Christi in Urbe Science Fayre

On 30th March 6 Y4, Matthew, Hoger, Sophia, Jaya, Aman and Eve had the opportunity to participate in the Caritas Christi in Science Fayre, at St Clare's school. There was a total of 7 schools with six children from Y4 representing their school. The six children were split into 2 groups. 1 group led a science investigation whilst the other group explored the investigations. Both groups then swapped over. St Teresa's demonstrated static electricity and making a bulb light using only a battery and tin foil. The children explored making hover crafts, how lava lamps work, potato boats and everyone's favourite - SLIME! Thank you to the children for being great science ambassadors.


Children in Need

On 18th November we had a ‘Spotacular’ non-uniform day for Children In Need. Children could wear their own clothes, ideally with a spotty theme, for a £1 donation. Thank you to all who participated and donated their £1s. £191 has been raised so far for this cause.

World Diabetes Day

14th November was World Diabetes Day. In recognition of this awareness day, the children were invited to wear their own clothes, with a blue theme, for a £1 donation to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Thank you for your donations which have raised £166 for this charity. We learned more about this condition during Monday’s assembly. A parent of child in school has asked that the following be shared with the school community.

As a mother of a type 1 child, the battle, the journey is both challenging and difficult. I think it’s important to recognise the charity JDRF and the work they do. Type 1 is not a lifestyle choice, it is an auto immune disease and it’s important to recognise the 4 Ts; toilet, thirst, tired and thinner. My daughter has been diagnosed over 2 years now and we will continue to spread awareness.

Raising awareness of diabetes, particularly type 1, has meant a lot to this child and her family. Whilst, type 1 diabetes can affect anyone without other medical or lifestyle factors, type 2 can be influenced by lifestyle, gender and ethnicity. Over 18 year olds can go to the following link which will give an indication of your likelihood of being affected by type 2 diabetes.*99uxj6*_ga*NDEwMjcxNzY1LjE2NjczODM3MjY.*_ga_J1HFNSGEX6*MTY2ODc2NTI2My4zLjAuMTY2ODc2NTI2My42MC4wLjA.

Anti-Bullying Week

14th - 18th November is Anti-Bullying Week. We shared the message of ‘Reach Out’ during Monday morning’s assembly. Messages and information have been displayed on the video unit on the Infant playground. For the school community bullying is unacceptable at any time. Please note the following from the school’s Anti-Bullying policy:

The aim is to foster an attitude of care between the children, staff and the wider community, and to develop effective relationships built on trust and understanding, where respect for the individual is paramount.

During Monday’s assembly we also considered the answers to three questions:

  • What is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)? The person or people responsible for Safeguarding (keeping children safe) at the school.
  • Who are the Designated Safeguarding Leads at our school? Mr Corkery and Miss Shirley are the DSLs.
  • Who is responsible for keeping children safe in school? All adults who work in the school are responsible for keeping children safe.

Sisters Minor of St. Francis

On 20th and 21st October, the school has hosted Sr. Miriam, Sr. Irene and Sr. Michela of the Sisters Minor of St. Francis. The sisters spoke about their vocation and missionary work throughout the world.  The children had an opportunity to ask questions.  on 21st October, the Sisters' worked with groups of children to make a Pocket Rosary.  The children will take these Rosary Beads home to join in prayer with their family.

The Sisters led a decade of the Rosary with reflection on the Annunciation and Visitation. Thank you to Maya and Kimran for reading, to Tannia and Chiamaka for acting out these scenes and to Edward for leading the rosary. Thank you to the Sisters for their time and openness and to Miss Shirley for organising this opportunity.

United Nations Day

On 21st October, in recognition of United Nations Day on 24th October, the children wore their own clothes, which included colours reflecting their families’ origins to mark Black History Month. The school was awash with bright colours and some lovely national costumes.

75th anniversary of St. Teresa’s Church

On 1st October, our parish celebrated the feast day of our patron saint; St. Teresa. The evening mass was followed by a gathering from the parish and school community, including present and past pupils, to mark the 75th anniversary of our parish church. We were very proud of our children; present and past pupils, who served at this mass, including Chikwere, Chizi, Muganzi and Edward and our other children who came with their families to this event. We were also very proud to hear about the lives that some of our past pupils have built, with families and careers of their own.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to all who donated cakes and biscuits and then donated money to buy them back gain for our ‘green’ themed day for MacMillan Cancer Support on 30th September . Many families donated far more than the £1 requested either directly to school or through ParentPay. You have raised £532.94 for this cause – thank you for your generosity. It was lovely to see so many parents and family members in the hall this morning and some of our past staff; Mrs Dignan, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Ashford – who used to be the school’s finance officer, who helped us out.

Caritas Chrsti In Urbe schools' visit to Kingswood Activity Centre

On Friday 23rd September, a group of Year 5 children; Divine, Andrea, Edward, Osagie, Hiba and Isharma, accompanied by Miss Goupilliere, set off with other children and staff from five of our Caritas Christi In Urbe schools; our family of local Catholic schools, to Kingswood Activity Centre in Staffordshire. The group had wonderful and memorable experiences throughout the weekend, returning to school on Monday afternoon. Thank you to Miss Goupilliere for giving up her weekend to take the children on this visit. 

Year 6 School House Captains and Vice-Captains

On 21st September, children from Year 6 met the children of Years 2 to 6 from their own house teams. Some of the Year 6 children made speeches to persuade the children in their house team to vote for them as house captain and as vice-captains. The children in that house team then had the opportunity to vote – an example of democracy in action. The elected representatives are; St. Matthew: Remy and Joshua, St. Mark: Arissa and Nikhil, St. Luke: Long and Amelia and St. John: Eesah and Amrit. Congratulations to those children on the election to these roles.

Queen Elizabeth II – 1926 – 2022. Rest In Peace

The nation was in a period of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8th September. During our Collective Worship the following morning, as a school community we shared a reflection on her significance for us, the country and the whole world. We prayed for the repose of her soul and for King Charles III.

As was discussed with the children, this was a significant period and we are living through an historic time. No one within the school, and I am sure, the vast majority who have links to the school community will know anything other than Queen Elizabeth as our monarch. We prayed for Her Majesty and give thanks for her lifetime of dedicated service. 


Year 6 Leavers' Party

Year 6, had their Leavers’ Mass on Thursday 14th July, annual reports and SATS results on Friday 15th July, the Namco Funscape visit on Tuesday 19th July, their Leavers’ Party on Wednesday 20th July, three performances of Rock bottom in two days and the emotional Leavers’ assembly on Thursday 21st July. Goodbye, best wishes and God Bless to the class of 2022; Esele, D’Sharnai, Manpreet, Ruth, Balraaj, Sebastian, Avani, Daya, James, Sofia, Jamie, Kaiden, Gianna, Tomasz, Imani, Oskar, Tiana, Gabriel, Sam, Victoria, Ummay, Keerat, Sukhjeevan, Joshua, Tarli-Monae, Ethan, Ki-mani, Andreea, Arjun and Deshon. Below are some photographs from the Year 6 Leavers' Party.

Caritas Christi In Urbe Commonwealth Games baton

On Thursday 23rd June 2022, the Caritas Christi In Urbe Commonwealth Games baton was brought to school by children from St. Francis’ Catholic Primary School. Our guests processed around the Junior playground greeted by all of our children and staff. The children from St. Francis School were led on the procession by Maria M and Soyini who dueted and were then supported for the Junior children in singing to welcome the baton to our school. Thank you to Miss Gibbon for organising this event.

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

On 27th May 2022, we  celebrated Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. As well as red, white and blue everywhere and an abundance of union flags and patriotic music, we had our lunch outside as a royal garden party, five special Platinum Jubilee cakes and a selection of souvenirs. We also had a very special royal visitor at lunchtime!

Talent Show

On Wednesday 25th May, we were treated to a wonderful Talent Show with the majority of the children in the school being involved in individual, group or, in the case of the Infant children, whole class performances. Thank you and well done to all of the children who participated.

Prior to the Talent Show, we offered a prayer for the victims of the atrocity at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas. We offered our shared talents as a prayer for all those affected by this tragedy.

Perry the Bull

On Friday 1`3th May, we were visited by Perry the Bull, the mascot for this summer’s Commonwealth Games. Perry and his friend Amber told us a lot about the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Games. Please do ask your children about Perry and the visit the school this morning. Perry also had a special photograph with our Year 6 children in recognition of completion of their SATs tests. Thank you to Miss Gibbon for organising this event for the school.

Dance Track

On Sunday 8th May, a group of our children were amongst children from across the city performing as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of Dance Track with Birmingham Royal Ballet. The feedback from parents and staff who attended was wonderful. This was an amazing experience for Remy, Joshua, Ava, Andrea, Kimora, Lumaya and Dominik.


           Easter Bonnets and Eggs

 Well done to the children, and the adults who supported them, in taking the time and making the effort to create wonderful bonnets for the Infant children and egg based creations for the Juniors, which were brought into school yesterday and brought smiles to lots of faces. The range and creativity were ‘egg-cellent’! The egg designs were on display in the entrance hall, they were then carefully moved into the hall for all to see in the afternoon. We were fortunate enough with the weather to have an Easter Bonnet parade involving the Infant classes helped by Year 5 and Year 6 forming a guard of honour on the playgrounds. Thank you to the parents/carers who were on the playgrounds to add to the sense of occasion.      

Caritas Christi In Urbe Science Fair

On 8th April, a group of Year 4 children went to St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School to represent us at the Caritas Christi In Urbe Science Fair. The event was attended by children from six of our schools each demonstrating a different scientific experiment or activity. St. Teresa’s won the final quiz and were champions of the Science Fair. Thank you to Tannia, Chizi, Noor, Kaiden, Mason and Josh for being such good ambassadors for the school. Thank you to Mrs Allport for preparing the children and taking them to this event.


Born for This 

On 6th April, Year 5 went by bus to St. Francis’ Catholic Church, to perform ‘Born for This’; a series of readings and songs recounting the Stations of the Cross. St. Teresa’s School, represented by Year 5, were one of six Caritas Christi In Urbe primary schools at this event. The children performed wonderfully, with a special mention for the readers; Arvin, Ava, Long and Remy, and the actors; Jayden, Soyini, Tarjae, Saron, Chikwere, Nihal and Nikhil. Thank you to Miss Gold and Miss Bennett for preparing the children and taking them with me to this event.


Percussion Ensemble at the Area Gala Concert

On 5th April , children who attend the Percussion Ensemble group, which takes place at the end of the school day each Tuesday, went to Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in the city centre. The Ensemble were one of seven schools, represented at the Area Gala Concert. The Ensemble performed two pieces in an evening of high quality entertainment by talented musicians. Well done to Maya, Amelia, Fatima, Samar, Isharma, Edward, Eesa and Osagie. Thank you to Mr Palmer, our percussion teacher, who prepared the children for this event. Thank you to the parents who came to support their children.

Dance Track

On 24th March, two dancers and a musician from Birmingham Royal Ballet were in school to work with Year 1 children as part of the Dance Trak programme. This programme identifies potential talent and invites the relevant children for ballet tuition with the BRB. As a school, we have been part of this programme for several years but that has been disrupted in the last couple of years. We have a number of our Year 5 children and others in school who are part of this initiative. Thank you to Miss Goupilliere for organising this opportunity for the children.


Kingswood Residential 2021

From Friday 24th to Monday 27th September, a group of Year 5 children were at the Caritas Christi In Urbe Residential Weekend at the Kingswood Centre in Staffordshire. Children from eight of our Caritas schools were there supported by the staff at the centre and school staff. 

Thank you to Mrs Rivett, head teacher at St. Clare's School for organising this event and thank you to Miss Goupilliere for taking the children from our school.


Overnight experience

On Friday 17th September, sixty-three Junior children came to school at 8.00 p.m. and stayed at school until 8.00 a.m. on Saturday morning for an ‘Overnight Experience’. This initiative is linked to the focus of ‘Dignity of the Human Person’, the theme running across our curriculum for the Autumn  Term.

The children had a simple supper of biscuits and hot chocolate. The thirty-six children from Year 3 and Year 4 who joined us slept on mats, in sleeping bags or under blankets and duvets in the hall; this was to reflect finding shelter indoors. The twenty-seven Year 5 and Year 6 children made temporary shelters from large pieces of cardboard and slept outdoors on the grassed area by the playgrounds. In the morning, breakfast was toast and water. This experience was to enable the children to gain an understanding and empathy for the challenges facing the homeless.

The children who participated were amazing. They embraced the opportunity fully and despite the hardship behaved wonderfully. Thank you to the parents and carers who allowed their children to participate. A particular thank you to the staff who led the event; Miss Walk, Miss Gold, Miss Gibbon, Mrs Allport and Miss Bennett joined Mr. Corkery to give the children this unique insight to the life less fortunate people lead.



2019- 2020



Kingswood Residential 2019

Special Events 2017-2018

 There's always plenty going on at our school - such as day trips, visitors who come to school to entertain or work with the children, and other special occasions during the year. On this page you can look back on some of our special events, and share the memories with us

Thursday 28th June 2018 

Year 2 hosted a jungle theme day for the rest of key stage 1. We took part in lots of challenges and games. Some of them were a little messy!






Tuesday 26th June 2018 

7 children from Year 4, Nikola, Chiaku, Hien, Prince, Noah, Karam and Sukhsimran took part in the First Caritas Christi Science Fayre held at St Paul's Girls Secondary School. We demonstrated how to make shadow puppets to children and teachers from the Caritas Christi group. We explored a range of different experiments from making volcano lava to slime to making sounds. We were also shown some amazing experiments by Jupiter Jack from the Mad Science Club. It was a great first time event and we look forward to taking part in another fayre soon.

Monday 21st May 2018 

6 children took part in the annual Boccia festival (William Y6, Hassan Y5, Shaivi Y4, Aden Y3, Kacper Y3 and Thanh Y3.) Boccia is similar to bowls, a sport which requires precision to hit the target ball. We are excited to announce that St Teresa's School came SECOND place out of 7 schools competing for the title of Boccia Champions!


Tuesday 19th December

KS2 performed Hosanna Rock! a modern retelling of the Nativity at St Teresa's Church. There was singing and music and dancing. The children were fantastic. A huge thank you to the families who came and supported us.







Friday 15th December

Children from Year 5 and Year 6 represented the school at the Caritas Christi In Urbe Carol Service at St. Chad's Cathedral. 



Monday 20th November

Today we played a new and exciting game called...BOCCIA!

William (Year 6) Hassan, Gerrard (Year 5) and Thanh, Kacper, Aden (Year 3) were invited to St. Francis school to take part in the Boccia tournament.

Boccia is where you have a Jack ball (target ball) in which you have to aim your team's ball as close to the target as possible. It takes great concentration, accuracy and precision.

We are very pleased to say that St. Teresa's came second place out of 7 schools competing.


Monday 31st October

Although we all belong to a large Catholic family of St Teresa's, today we celebrated our diversity by wearing our cultural and traditional clothing or colours! We represented many countries far and wide such as Jamaica, India and Poland and some closer to home e.g. England and Ireland.

Friday 20th October

Year 6 showcased their talents during the first class assembly of the school year all about the Victorians. We were treated to workers from the mine, pickpockets and the rich household as well as a trip in time to a Victorian school.

Thursday 19th October

Year 5 led our Harvest Festival Mass. Father David told us about how there are many people in our city who do not have enough food and we had a collection for a local food bank.

Friday 6th October

Congratulations to all those children who were awarded certificates today.


Monday 2nd October

Year 6 visited the Black Country Living Museum to find out about life in Victorian times! They went down the mine and spent some time in a Victorian schoolroom too! See more on the Y6 page!

Friday 29th September

Macmillan Coffee Morning. We were joined by family and friends of St Teresa's to eat cakes (raise money) for this very worthwhile cause. So far over £400 has been raised. See more pictures here

Friday 29th September

Year 4 visited St John the  Evangelist Church in Perry Barr. They had the opportunity to look round the Church and had a  talk about the Church from Father Barrie Scott. More on the Y4 page!


Friday 29th September

Year 2 visited the Gurdwara.





Thursday 28th September

Y6 visited Birmingham Central Mosque where they had a guided tour of the mosque building and observed one of the daily prayer services. For more information see the Y6 page,

Thursday 28th September

Y3 visited the Jewish Synagogue at Singer's Hill in Birmingham.  Some of the boys tried on the prayer shawls worn by men only. There was even some weddings! More on the Y3 page!

Thursday 28th September

 Year 5 went to a Hindu temple - Shri Venkateswara (Balaji)  in Tividale. They learned a lot about the Hindu religion. Find out more on the Y5 page!

Thursday 28th September

We celebrated National Poetry Day today with an awesome assembly! Click HERE to hear see some of our performances!

Tuesday 26th September

Well done to all those children from Year 5 who went on Play Leader training today. We look forward to seeing your new skills in action soon on the playground. More pictures on the Y5 Page..


Monday 25th September

Year 1 visited the Sealife Centre



Friday 22nd September

Congratulations to all those children who were awarded certificates today. Particularly well done to all those who achieved their violin Grade 1 Certificates too.

Wednesday 20th September

Today we held our elections for this year's House Captains. We heard some very persuasive speeches and then voted for the candidate we felt had the was going to lead the best. For more information click on school council

Friday 15th September

Congratulations to all those children who were awarded certificates today. There were lots of hard workers as well as a couple of swimming sisters and a violin playing-swimming-gymnast! Well done!

Wednesday 13th September

Today was the 101st birthday of Roald Dahl. Lots of the children and staff dressed up and read his books, watched films and generally celebrated his day in style!

Friday 8th September

Congratulations to all those children who were awarded certificates in our first celebration assembly of the year! You are off to a flying start!

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