Way of the Cross

As part of our school preparation for the celebration of Easter, we held a "Way of the Cross" Service.

It was a very moving and poingant evening, where we walked in the footsteps of Jesus on His journey towards Calvery. Year 6 and the School Choir led the service and Ambrose and Jerome carried the cross of Jesus. We were also joined by many parents and children from all faiths and denominations, sharing in celebration of the "Way of the Cross".


Review by Ryan and Amrita (Y6)

Each team had to pair up with a teacher and decide which station they were working at.  We had to read a speech about our station of the cross. We followed the cross to each of our stations around the school and listened to each station of Jesus' death. After this service, we went into the hall with the lights off and year 6 had a candle in hand.  Then the choir sang the song 'Servant King'.  While they sang each child blew their candle and at the end of the song, we were in complete darkness.